Gold diggers; Outdoor play with children

If we like to do anything in the summer, it’s going outside to play with our children and the more the better. In our tireless search to find games away from screens, we have already written several articles so that our little ones at home can have fun, such as 15 outdoor games without buying anything or 15 outdoor games reusing things that we have at home.

outdoor game of gold diggers with stones

This time we show you a game we learned last year and they loved it. Gold diggers an ideal outdoor game for all ages.



In the game of gold diggers, children have to find the gold nuggets that adults (or other children) hide in the garden or terrace, even if it seems simple and looking for them everywhere will be a fun task and will help them stay active.

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But to make the game more difficult, another group of children gold thieves. In this case, your mission can be to hide the gold nuggets at first, and as soon as the game starts, your job will be to make the gold diggers laugh until they succeed. If they succeed, they can steal all the gold they find. . It’s important to make them laugh without touching the other player, so forget the tickling.

how to play gold diggers

You can set a search time for the nuggets and when the time is up, count the number of gold nuggets found together or separately. Since we don’t like competition, we prefer to do the tally in general, but this can be done individually or by comparing them with the gold thieves.

Then it’s changed and those who were thieves become seekers and vice versa, we start the game again. The truth is that it is a game that is much demanded of us when several children come together and have a good time.


In reality, any material is used to make gold nuggets. The first time we did it with stones we found along a path that were all white to tell them apart, but then we thought we could give it a personal touch and make real nuggets of gold! Coins or other options can also be used.

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And it is true that if we use stones it is easy not to see them or to distinguish them from other stones. Objects that we have at home can also be used, but the fun is to do it with something natural and that we don’t mind losing in case they don’t find it.

So, as we told you, we did real gold nuggets!


To make the nuggets we searched for around 30 stones along a path which were more or less all the same size, ideally they shouldn’t be too big to hide them well but they shouldn’t be too small either. where younger play. The size that suits us best is the one in the picture.

outdoor game gold diggers

The next step is to wash the stones well to remove any gravel or soil, as many of them end up semi-buried. With a little water and a little rubbing they were very clean. Let them dry for a while in the sun.

gold digger game for kids outdoor

It’s time to paint them, in this case we use a golden spray to give this touch to the gold nuggets, they will also be more easily recognizable by children during their search. We will give them a hand on each side to paint them well. Find an area that you don’t stain much and use a piece of cardboard so you don’t paint the floor.

gold digger nuggets

We’ll let them dry and we’ll have our gold nuggets ready!!! we must enjoy playing and have fun afternoons. What other uses can you think of for playing with these stones or gold nuggets? Leave us a comment to know what you think. We love green ideas that keep kids entertained away from tablets or electronic devices like this game, Gold Diggers.


gold digger game for kids outdoor

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