Germany officially bans the slaughter of chicks in a new animal welfare law

The culling of chickens is a cruel practice in which farmers kill the male offspring as they are considered “useless” for the animal agriculture industry.

Male chickens in the egg industry do not lay eggs and were not raised for meat, so they are often ground up or thrown into bins to slowly suffocate.

For years, animal advocates have demanded an end to this horrific practice, and in 2020 France and Germany have stepped up their help.

Such Germany and France have pledged to help end the practice of slaughtering chickens in the European Unionand they are starting to end it in their own country.

The German Council of Ministers has drawn up a bill to ban this controversial practice, which came into force on January 1, 2022. Germany is now the first country to have banned the slaughter of chickens by law..

According to The Guardian, Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner called the law “an important step forward for animal welfare. We have invested millions of euros in alternatives, combining animal welfare and economic efficiency on German soil“.

This decision is a big step in the right direction and hopefully other countries will follow. France has already announced its ban on the slaughter of chickens, which will come into force in 2023.

Image: chayakorn.lot – Depositphotos.

However, other countries must join the initiative and end this horrible and cruel practice now.

In 2020, there is already talk of the world’s first no-kill eggs going on sale in Berlin.

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