Germany is building the world’s largest ‘grid amplifier’

TransnetBW is collaborating with Fluence Energy to construct a 250 MW green energy storage facility on an expanse of land. This energy reserve will guarantee greater stability and lower costs for consumers.

Dozens of containers filled with lithium-ion batteries on an area equivalent to 4.5 football fields.

The German municipality of Kupferzell will have, to date, the largest energy reserve in the world.

All batteries combined will have a capacity of 250 MW. The project will play an important role in the energy transition and in the optimization of energy consumption in Germany.

TransnetBW is in charge of the project. TransnetBW is one of the four main German electricity grid operators and a subsidiary of the energy company EnBW.

According to the German-American company, the emergency generator can be switched on and off in milliseconds. This, according to TransnetBW, ensures greater security, as well as lower costs and higher revenues.

This will lower prices as green power is used more efficiently and less expensive external backup capacity is then needed. In Germany, this represents a potential gain of several billion euros, which will greatly benefit consumers.

Fluence is no newcomer to the energy storage space. So far, he has completed 205 such projects.

But 250 MW is not enough to solve all problems. Many other power supplies will need to be put in place. It will not necessarily be batteries.

Not only that, but green energy in Germany is mainly produced in the north, while most of the industry is in the south. This means that the electricity networks must be improved so that the energy transition is more efficient.

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