G-Frame, the cabin with G-frame, solar panels and sauna

I had never seen this before. A mix of an A-frame with a Saltbox style cabin and they dubbed it “G-Frame”.

The entire hut is powered by solar photovoltaic energy, heated by the indoor wood stove and the wood stove in the adjoining sauna.

It has a foot pump sink for washing dishes, an indoor composting toilet and, in warm weather, an outdoor shower.

The wood stove keeps the heat inside.

The staircase takes you to the mezzanine bedroom.

View from the attic. Lots of interesting wall pieces.

Nice color for the wood stove.

The sofa/futon is located under the mezzanine.

Nice view from the attic!

Sit down for a breakfast.

Small kitchen.

Indoor compost toilet.

More private forest views.

The convertible sofa makes a nice sleeping area on the main level.

Outdoor shower.

Photovoltaic solar panels.

More features:

  • 18 square meters.
  • Bunkbed.
  • Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.
  • Solar powered with 4 outlets (including USB ports).
  • Application to track energy consumption, so that customers use it responsibly without draining the battery.
  • Scale.
  • Ceramic sink in the kitchen.
  • Water tap with foot pump.
  • The bathroom is the only private room in the cabin.
  • 6’x6′ barrel-shaped wood burning sauna.

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