Five people and a cat fit in this compact Tiny House

French company Baluchon always manages to squeeze plenty of space into their small prefabs, but their latest model can fit an impressive five people – plus a cat – in a house just 6m long. They tried to maximize storage space and natural light inside.

The Tiny House Road Runner is so named because its owners once lived in the New Mexico desert. It is finished in cedar, with aluminum details.

It has a spruce frame and a blend of cotton, linen and hemp insulation.

On entering the house, the living room is on the left. There is a sofa bed with capacity for two people, storage space and a small folding dining table for two people. Also, a small wood stove.

The glazing is generous and the room seems flooded with natural light.

Nearby is the kitchen area. It contains a four-burner propane oven, sink and cabinets. Although there is enough space to install a refrigerator, the owners did not want one, preferring a pantry to store vegetables. Nearby there is a large closet for storing clothes. The kitchen opens onto a comfortable bathroom containing a shower and toilet.

The Tiny House Road Runner has two mezzanines. The master bedroom is accessed by an sliding ladder and is a typical loft bedroom with a double bed and storage space.

There is also a mezzanine above the living room which is accessed by a removable ladder. This one is much smaller and seems more suitable for storage, although it can accommodate one person if needed.

If you add the sofa bed, the capacity is five people, which obviously wouldn’t be a very comfortable way to live for long, although it could be useful in case of passing guests (Balucchon says the sleeping capacity official is 4 or 5 people).

It incorporates a complete bathroom.

The casita now serves as a full-time home for its two owners and their cat, and although we don’t know the exact price, Baluchon says prices for his finished homes range between €65,000 and €85,000.

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