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have you decided to put exterior curtains at your doorstep? So know that they are an excellent protection for your privacy and allow freshness to enter your interior. On the other hand, in addition to avoiding annoying insects, they can become excellent decorative allies.

exterior door curtains

the exterior curtains for doorsUnlike blinds, they will give your home a relaxed, cheerful and very original look. Do you want to know which ones are best for you? And what about your setup? Next, we explain all that and more.


What are exterior curtains

also known as external fly curtains, consist of strips of plastic (PVC) or aluminum chains that can be adorned with beads. Before, we saw them relegated to country houses, to separate the interiors from the garden or on the doors of the kitchens of bars and simple restaurants. As the name suggests, they really keep the flies out, while still giving you privacy and cooling.

Now they are in fashion and there is already fun exterior curtains Metallic and plastic colors. Many people also use them for delineate the spaces inside your home. The difference between plastic and aluminum strip patterns is minimal, and there is a infinity of drawings. On the other hand, there are several installation systems, so we can hang them on the wall and on the ceiling.

How did exterior curtains for doors come about?

Let’s take a look at the story. The Romans they used large pieces of velvet or silk to protect doors and windows. The Egyptians, Persians and Chinese They used bamboo curtains. Today, materials have evolved and we have exterior door curtains plastic or aluminum.

Have you seen how many civilizations bet on exterior curtains? Find out which type is most appropriate for your home based on its location and decorative style.

When to buy curtains for exterior doors

the exterior curtains They are particularly recommended if:

  • you need custom curtains that adapt exactly to the space where you are going to place them. And it is that, in general, you can cut them so that they have the length that suits you. Regarding the width, it is enough to put more or less strips. Also remember that manufacturers can make them with the measurements you need.
  • You live in an area where It’s very hot and so you want to leave the doors open, but maintain privacy.
  • seems to you more comfortable to leave the doors open for promote the passagefor example, if you often go out on the terrace or in the garden.
  • You often leave the doors open, but the wind bothers you. In this sense, some of these outdoor fly curtains They cut the wind better than fabric ones.
  • You have a business and want separate private spaces from public spaces. For example, the warehouse of a store or the kitchen of a restaurant.
  • To want delimit the spaces of your housesuch as the hallway or the dining room, without putting a door.
  • Are you looking for exterior curtains for doors with a colorful and original decorationsomething you can practically only achieve with these templates.

Types of exterior curtains

we can find a large number of alternatives depending on material (aluminum or plastic) or design (chains, bands or tube). The most frequent are the following.

plastic strip curtains

There are both colored plastic and transparent plastic, and they have countless shapes and designs. For this reason, if you want exterior curtains really original and cheerful, this is the best option. In addition, you can thus adjust them to the degree of brightness you need.

Aluminum chain curtains

Although they don’t look like it, they are very lightEven more than the plastic ones. They have become favorites for kitchen doors in restaurants because they are hygienic and discreet.

External comb fly curtains

In general, they are made of plastic tubes, but they can be purchased in different materials, including wood or cork. Like the plastic ones, there are a lot decorative possibilities for these curtains and it is possible to adapt them to the degree of luminosity or thermal insulation that one wishes to obtain.

How to take the measurements of the external curtains for the doors?

It depends if you are going to install the curtains in the doorway or outside. if you put them for inside, you need to subtract one centimeter from the width and height you measured. However, if you intend to place them outside, you have to add between 3 and 5 centimeters to the measurement.

did you find your exterior curtains perfect? Yes of course. It is an economical solution and very easy to install, so you will not regret your purchase. And your home will be the envy of the neighbors!


exterior curtain

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