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It’s been a while since we’ve highlighted one of the most important elements of the bathroom, the place where many of us demonstrate our skills as experienced singers. We’re talking about the showerthis small corner of the room where one seeks relaxation and disconnection from the problems of the outside.

evolux drains

If you had to describe what your shower looks like, where would you start? Maybe you still have a bathtub or are you even considering doing that renovation you so badly want to renew the whole bathroom. Anyway, what we are going to tell you will be useful to you.


Tell how your shower is and we’ll tell you how you are

Enjoying a good shower at the end of the day and relaxing with the water is one of the pleasures and customs that should never be let go. Now, if you want to do it, let it be. with a shower and quality fittings.

We talk about things like finish and materials of the shower itself, of the receiver and even of the drain, something we’re going to focus on today. And the fact is that if you are going to renovate your room or if you consider that the current design is completely outdated, it may be useful for you to know the advantages of the Evolux linear shower drains.

It is a question of conceiving it as an essential and comfort element, equipped with an innovative system with which we will avoid countless limitations that currently prevent us from enjoying a shower as he deserves.

Fortunately for us, there are currently proposals worth knowing, like the installation of a functional drain, of quality and really striking in its design. A concept different from what we usually know and which deserves to be discovered. We assure you that once you check out its versatility, you won’t want anything else.

evolux linear drains

Benefits of installing a linear drain in your shower

separated from revolutionary design and the functionality it brings to the shower itself, the linear shower drains allow to eliminate the traditional concept that we all still remember. This new way to drain water allows us to completely forget the famous central hole.

No need to install curbs or stepsthis new system allows it to be placed on one side of the shower tray, thus obtaining provide a feeling of space and homogeneity much older.

Besides, its position in the shower allows the slope to be discreet and barely perceptible to the human eye, which provides a greater sense of space. If we add to this that the material used is stainless steelwe will have an ideal combination of reasons why we want to install it as soon as possible.

However, a shower lacks personality if we only refer to the tones brought by the steel, then we will have a wide range of grids, colors and materials to complete the drain. From tempered glass to microcement, through gold, white or silver tones.

install a linear drain

A unique design in your bathroom

One of the main motivations that lead us to take the decision to reform the bathroom is the new impression it can generate. With new elements and materials that improve both comfort and visual aspects.

Have a waterproof shower thanks to the impressive range of Estil Guru linear drains it is an essential aspect to achieve this feeling. A modern, comfortable and functional shower with an avant-garde design. Can you ask for anything more?

If you had in mind to renovate your old shower, Bet on this alternative and make your next showers an authentic experience. You will only be able to understand it when you see its effect in your bathroom. Are you registering?


Evolux linear drains

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