Evening primrose oil: uses, benefits and properties

Evening primrose oil: uses, benefits and properties

When we talk about evening primrose oil, we are referring to the Medicinal extract obtained from the seed of the evening primrose plant Native to North America and England. this grass, also known as primrose.

There are records indicating that ancient native communities in the United States used this plant extensively for medicinal purposes, especially in the form of an infusion with hot water.

Evening primrose oil is extremely rich in Omega 6 acidswhich are vital for the optimal functioning of the human body, as well as an important element in the strengthening of the nervous system and hormonal processes, linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid (GLA).

Although this plant offers many and various benefits, it has won a special place in women’s hearts and has been popularly known as the woman’s plantbecause many of its great effects are directly positive in the natural processes related exclusively to the female sex.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil.

As mentioned earlier, evening primrose oil It is perfect for treating many annoyances exclusive to women., which is why it has become popular among various gynecological practices. The reality is that this food is excellent for treating menopausal symptoms and regularizing menstrual cycles. Its application is highly recommended for premenstrual syndrome, thanks to its high content of acids that promote the production of hormones that aim to reduce normal inflammation that causes discomfort on those days, helping to reduce bulging belly, breasts swollen, among other symptoms.

Now this oil has also been recommended for to treat certain problems related to infertility and for the reduction of ovarian cysts.

Of course, although this herb is known as the “women’s plant”, this does not mean that men should completely get rid of it, in fact, it has been possible to use this component with positive results in cases of impotence because it stimulates the circulation of blood to these areas of the body.

This same effect can help those who suffer from alopecia or other conditions closely related to poor blood circulation.

Also for heart health and to help lose some size, Evening primrose oil is used to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levelsthus reducing the risk of suffering from phlebitis, hemorrhoids, hypertension or varicose veins.

For people who suffer from arthritis, they can benefit from this oil thanks to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, improving the flexibility of the joints and reducing the ailments related to this degeneration.

As if that were not enough, evening primrose has also managed to show positive effects in case of diabetes, mainly thanks to its ability to maintain and regulate insulin levels.

The few contraindications of this component concern those who suffer from epilepsy; Likewise, it is recommended not to consume the oil on an empty stomach, to avoid irritation or other side effects on the stomach.

As we always recommend, consult your GP with any questions or treatment.

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