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A lasting gift is a useful gift that adds value, a gift that adds… In today’s article, we’ve rounded up some sustainable, eco-friendly, and zero-waste gift ideas. Not everyone around us is as aware as we are of pollution, plastic, deforestation… For this reason, this year, in addition to giving gifts, you can add some. Discover the zero waste gift boxes we have created with Christmas in mind.

Our objective: Awaken a conscience, make a person stop to think, even if it’s only for a second. A stainless steel bottle can help you think about how many plastic bottles you use. One bamboo toothbrush out of the number of plastic toothbrushes you throw away. A solid soap to think about how many bottles of gel and shampoo you have in the shower.

Sustainable Christmas! 🎄🎄


Zero waste gift boxes Esturirafi

Zero waste gift boxes. Sustainable alternatives, for a plastic-free life.

Zero Waste Packs are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to embark on the path to a zero waste life. Discover all the sustainable, eco-friendly and plastic-free gift sets at Esturirafi. We have created several zero waste packs different, designed as gifts: natural beauty, organic cosmetics, zero waste cooking… A carefully considered and rigorous selection so that receiving it is a real experience.


1. Rosehip Natural Beauty Gift Set

Contains a selection of products ideal for cleansing, toning and hydrating the skin, leaving it soft and luminous. The products in this pack are suitable for all skin types: combination, normal, dry or very dry. Includes 6 products: Regenerating toner, Rosehip oil, Organic lip balm, Solid soap, Natural deodorant, Wooden soap dish. Plastic free – Made in Europe and Spain. Price: €75.30 €71.54. Buy here.

2. Zero Waste Hair & Body Gift Set

A selection of basic hygiene products and natural cosmetics. Designed for all skin and hair types, even sensitive skin! Includes 6 products: hair serum, oval brush, wooden comb, baking soda-free deodorant, exfoliating soap, shea butter. Suitable for pregnant women – Plastic free – Made in Europe and Spain. Price: €81.45 €77.38. Buy here.


A limited edition selection of your favorite UpCircle products with a Christmas gift box. Basic products for your face routine: eye contour, exfoliating soap, face serum and moisturizing face cream with argan. Price: €68.43 €65.01. Buy here. Vegan – Made in Europe


Ideal gift for people with dry or very dry skin. With this pack you will get the extra hydration you need. With organic argan oil, face cream and lavender and shea soap. Price: €57.20 €54.34. Buy here. Vegan – Suitable for pregnant women – Made in Spain


A gift set for the care of all skin types, with regenerating and healing properties. Includes pure rosehip oil, natural soap, regenerating face cream and lip balm. Price: €65.00 €61.75. Buy here. Vegan – Suitable for pregnant women – Made in Spain

6. Naturavia sensitive skin set

Gift for people with sensitive or very sensitive skin. To calm irritations perfect for winter days. Includes calendula and chamomile soap, face cream, calendula body oil and soothing lip balm. Price: €64.40 €61.18. Buy here. Vegan – Suitable for pregnant women – Made in Spain


Mother and baby cosmetic pack 100% Bio Matarrania. The perfect gift for a pregnant mum or a mum who has already given birth. Product for delicate and sensitive skin. Vegans | No plastic | Made in Spain. Price: €54.50 €51.78. Buy here.

Mediterranean sustainable gift set. A gift box with Mediterranean aromas and colors: aloe vera, rosemary, mint… Includes: Luffa soap dish, Aloe vera soap for sensitive skin, Mint and Rosemary Deodorant and Pack 2 Biodiversity Seed Bombs – Mediterranean Garden. Made in Europe | No plastic. Price: €28.45 €27.03. Buy here.

Tuscany sustainable gift set. A set of products reminiscent of the lavender and wildflower fields of Tuscany. Includes: Natural Lavender & Shea Soap. Moisturizing and soothing, Lavender Deodorant, Velvet Daily Natural Lip Balm and Biodiversity Seed Bombs 2 Pack – Purple Wildflowers. Made in Europe | No plastic. Price: €31.15 €29.59. Buy here.

Atlantic sustainable gift set. Products reminiscent of the sea, citrus aromas, herbs such as thyme, rosemary, calendula… Includes: Solid shampoo for normal hair – Rosemary Fields, Forever Fresh Deodorant, Pack of 3 small reusable make-up remover discs in organic cotton and Pack 2 Biodiversity seed pumps – Atlantic Garden. Made in Europe | No plastic. Price: €36.95 €35.10. Buy here.

Soft and durable gift box. Very aromatic products such as the rosehip soap, the gentle serenity deodorant with the scent of rose and honey or the vegan lip balm scented with chewing gum and mango. Includes: Natural Rose Hips Soap, Sweet Serenity Deodorant, Natural Vegan Lip Balm Stick and 2 Pack Biodiversity Seed Bombs – Red Wildflowers. Price: €31.15 €29.59. Buy here.

Zero waste shaving pack. Everything you need to shave your skin without plastic. Reusable and durable products. It is designed for face and body shaving. Includes: 100% organic shaving oil. Butterfly Open Reusable Razor – Chrome. Pack of 10 stainless steel razor blades. Vegans | No plastic | Made in Spain. Price: €37.10 €35.26. Buy here.


Basic zero waste kitchen gift set. An original gift idea for cooking lovers. A pack with the basics to start transforming your kitchen into a more eco-friendly, plastic-free place. Six essentials to reduce single-use plastics in everyday life. Includes 6 products: Medium silicone bag. 2 stainless steel straws + 1 straw cleaner. Vegetable loofah sponge. Small compostable cloth. Pack 5 cotton bags. Amber glass spray bottle. Price: €32.15 €30.54. Buy here.

Zero Waste initiation gift box for beginners. Discover the five basic products that will help you reduce your waste. The perfect gift for anyone new to this sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Includes 5 products: stainless steel bottle, set of 5 cotton bags, bamboo toothbrush, reusable sandwich holder (available in 4 colors), aloe vera soap. Price: €51.75 €49.16. Buy here.

Zero waste shopping pack. Everything you need for a zero waste, plastic free purchase. By taking this pack of reusable fabric bags with you on your shopping trip, you can avoid hundreds of single-use plastic bags. Includes: Organic cotton mesh bag: 1 x large, 1 x medium, 1 x small. Long-handled net bag. Lot of 5 small sachets. Price: €25.35 €24.08. Buy here.

Other ideas…

Zero waste cleaning pack. The basics to clean your kitchen without using plastic. Eco-friendly alternatives to scouring pads and plastic sponges. Includes: Wooden dish brush. Compostable cotton and cellulose cloths. Vegetable loofah sponge. Traditional organic Marseille soap 300gr.

Kit to make your soy candles – Candle kit. With this kit you will learn how to make your own vegetable candles at home in an easy way. It is an ideal gift for lovers of aromatic and ecological candles. Vegan | Made in Spain | No plastic. Price: €47.00. Buy here.

Zero waste snack pack. Two basics so that the snack of the little ones at home is plastic-free. Reduce your waste! It includes a 250ml Noodoll stainless steel bottle to choose from three designs and an Animal Snack Holder to choose from 5 designs. Price: €31.85 €30.26. Buy here.


*All our gift boxes have a 5% discount applied

Personalized gift boxes Create it yourself!

Can’t find the zero waste pack you’re looking for? The price does not suit your budget? We have the solution ! Create a pack from scratch: select the products you want to give away and tell us in the “Comments” section that it is a gift box. We prepare all our shipments with great care, but if it’s for a gift we pay even more attention. We can write a card with the message you indicate or send the gift directly to the other person’s address.

All you have to do is enter the Esturirafi online store and start choosing. If you don’t know where to start here are some ideas, the possibilities are almost endless:


gift cards

The perfect gift if you’ve left it for the last minute and are worried the package won’t arrive in time. It’s also the best choice if you’re not sure they’ll like it and you’d rather the person choose something they really need. We offer gift cards of different amounts: €25, €50, €75 and €100. A card that does not expire and can be used more than once until the value runs out.

How do gift cards work? Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive your card by email with an exclusive purchase code. eye! We do not send the card on paper. We send it by e-mail in a format ready to print or send by e-mail to the lucky one.

Cada vez que la persona propietaria de la tarjeta quiera quera izar a compra en sólo tendrá que seleccionar el producto deseado, añadirlo al carrito y en la pantalla de compra introducir su código en el apartado: ¿Tienes un cupón o gift card? The amount of the gift card will be deducted automatically. If the purchase does not cover the full value of the gift card, it will accumulate for the next time. You can use your code as many times as you want until the amount is exhausted.


Some interesting data.

As we want your gifts to arrive on time, we must inform you that:

  • We work with the post office. We are very happy with the service, but have been informed that at this time of year it is very difficult to meet delivery times 48h-72h.
  • Our stock is limited. We buy small quantities of each product, although we have tried to be far-sighted, some products sell out very quickly. We’ll try to replace them as soon as possible, but things are going a little slower these days.

Therefore, if you are planning to place an order and give a lasting gift this Christmas Do not wait the last minute ! We hope that this Christmas many people will receive gifts that will make them think, wake up and learn that a life without plastic is possible.

If you are looking for more sustainable gift ideas for Christmas 2022, do not hesitate!

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