Escape A17, the removable prefabricated house for trailers

Solido Escape has designed a prefabricated house that can be dismantled from a trailer, fully furnished.

You can install it near a lake, deep in a forest, on the edge of a field, on a mountain hill or in your garden. Realize your dream, installed in one day, without additional work.

The Solido Escape A17 playhouse can be installed or removed from a trailer.

It is built to fit perfectly on a Mobi TH660 trailer with 2 axles of 1800 kg each.

The trailer can be registered in any country in Europe.

It can be towed with an SUV.

The total weight of the house + the trailer does not exceed 3500 kg.



Basic – 33,900 euros

The house module without a trailer and without the off-grid package. It includes all the furniture as you can see in the photos and the fitted bathroom. Ready to be connected to the water and electricity network.

On the net with a trailer – 39,900 euros

Includes furniture and equipment installed in a trailer, prepared to be connected to the water, sewer and electricity network.

Without grid connection with a trailer – 46,900 euros

Fully furnished version installed on a trailer which includes the OFF-GRID PACKAGE: Photovoltaic solar panels, wood stove, gas water heater, water pump, gas oven, refrigerator…

You can set up the house almost anywhere. Even if you do not have a water supply system, a sewage system or an electrical network, you can still use the house.

The off-grid package includes:

  • Separate WC Villa 9010
  • Ariston gas instantaneous water heater
  • SeaFlo water pump
  • Wood stove
  • 6 photovoltaic solar panels x 340W
  • 2 batteries
  • Off Grid MPP Solar Inverter
  • 100 liter water tank

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