Erectile dysfunction 7 home remedies for a long lasting erection


home remedies for erectile dysfunction

Before discussing home remedies for a lasting erection and to treat erectile dysfunction, let’s see what this disorder is and why it appears.

What is erectile dysfunction and why does it appear?

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to maintain an erection during sex. This is due to various reasons, including poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.

In addition, the use of drugs and other recreational substances or addictions (tobacco, alcohol and drugs), poor physical condition and mental or physical disorders such as stress, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes and obesity can cause or worsen this problem.

To all the above we must add the normative sexuality that imposes only one type of sexuality (phallocentric) that affects and generates additional pressure when establishing sexual-affective contact, with expectations that cannot not always be reciprocal.

home remedies for erectile dysfunction

7 home remedies for a lasting erection

Let’s see, now, a list of home remedies for a lasting erection. These are 7 medicinal plants or food supplements that will improve this aspect of sexual life.

rhodiola rosea

It is known by the scientific name of rhodiola rosea, or simply rhodiola with the medicinal plant popularly called golden root. This herb is used to increase energy but is also an important supplement for treating erectile dysfunction.

It is a very useful adaptogenic herb. The usual format in which it is found is that of tablets or capsules, and it is recommended not to exceed a dose of 600 mg per day (the equivalent of 3 capsules).

moringa seeds

Moringa seeds are the seeds of the plant Moringa oleifera, which is used to treat a large number of ailments. It should be noted among many of these conditions that the seeds are used for erectile dysfunction, improving fertility and treating prostate problems.

These seeds are eaten with or without the shell, raw or cooked, although it is also very common to find them in the form of powders (ie ground).

ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a medicinal plant with remarkable uses for treating memory problems, as well as circulatory disorders. Precisely because of its usefulness in improving circulation, this plant is increasingly used to obtain and maintain a lasting erection, and therefore as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

home remedies for long lasting erection


Fenugreek seeds are known as “natural testosterone” because they maintain a balance in the levels of this male hormone. Therefore, it can be considered an interesting supplement to naturally treat erectile dysfunction, as long as it is caused by a hormonal problem or a problem, which can be mental or physical, affects the hormones .

Evening primrose oil

Although the use of evening primrose oil is generally linked to women’s health, it is known that it can help, thanks to its abilities to improve blood circulation, treat erectile dysfunction and be part of home remedies. for a lasting erection.

holy remedy

He is known as holy remedy to the mixture of honey and cinnamon for medicinal purposes. It is a very effective mixture for treating heart disease, joint conditions such as arthritis, digestive and stomach problems, flatulence, colds and flus, bladder infections, cholesterol problems, halitosis and much more.

The truth is that many of these uses are well known, but not the ability of this blend to increase male libido, as various studies have shown in both the case of honey to increase testosterone and cinnamon.

Of course, it’s important for people with diabetes to avoid this remedy because it could skyrocket blood sugar levels.


Ginseng root is another such home remedy that can help achieve a long-lasting erection, as several studies have shown, including studying the variety called Korean ginseng. Indeed, the compounds of this root can help protect the blood vessels and tissues of the penis against the so-called oxidative stress.

So far our list of home remedies for a lasting erection. Have you suffered from erectile dysfunction? How did you deal with it? As we always say, leave it in the comments, may we and our readers benefit from contributions that expand our knowledge of herbal remedies, home remedies, and natural treatments.

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