EP500 Pro, the new range of home backup storage systems

Our life without electricity is almost impossible. Heating, cooking and even water supply are often linked to electricity. In the event of a power outage, our lives become quite complicated. You can’t predict the unexpected, but you can prepare. Some people are already interested in the possibility of having a backup battery system for their home.

BLUETTI EP500 and BLUETTI EP500 Pro are the most powerful solar stations from BLUETTI.

This beast is capable of powering an entire house with no problem. With the new generation of battery cells and huge battery capacity, BLUETTI EP500 emerges as the new king in the high capacity solar generator market. However, the large size and weight can be a problem for users who plan to use it as a laptop.

The new EP500 and EP500 Pro feature 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery storage, a 2000W pure sine wave inverter (3000W for the EP500Pro), capable of delivering all the power you need need to operate your essential electronic devices.


Lithium-iron batteries (LiFePO4).

These are safer batteries.

LiFePO4 is a non-hazardous material because it uses a phosphate-based cathode. In addition, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries are virtually incombustible.

The inclusion of lithium-iron batteries makes the BLUETTI EP500 a class of its own.

Plus, the BLUETTI EP500’s 2000W pure sine wave inverter should be able to power your entire home.

It offers uninterrupted UPS backup protection against power outages, plug-and-play ease of use, and a 6,000+ charge cycle. It gives you peace of mind and control in the event of an outage. current.

Energy storage systems currently on the market can only charge low voltage equipment. The new BLUETTI EP500 series can double the power, so you will have 240v/4000W of energy to power high-powered machines, dryers, heaters, air conditioners or electric cookers.

With solar input and MPPT control up to 2400W (1200W for EP500), the EP500 Pro can be quickly and safely fully charged in 2.6h and 4.75h for EP500.

MPPT stands for “Maximum Power Point Tracker” and one unit is pre-installed on the EP500 series. Charges up to 40% faster than a standard charging port.

But there are more possibilities:

  • Recharge via solar and AC power simultaneously, maximum input power 4000W.
  • Charging via dual AC power supplies simultaneously (one AC charging cable and one BLUETTI T500 AC adapter).

What can you charge with the BLUETTI EP500?

Look at this graph:

Device Consumption Duration
Fridge 150W (1200W per day) 4 days
Microwave 1000W 4 hours
Dishwasher 500W 8 hours
Air conditioning 1500W 2.5 hours
heat pump 1500W 2.5 hours
Portable 76Wh 48+ times
Smartphone 15Wh 157+ times
Electric car 1800W 16 to 25km
Electric bike 500W 100 to 150 miles

BLUETTI EP500 output ports

The EP500 comes with the following ports:

  • AC 220-240 VAC x 3
  • 12V, 10VAC x 3
  • 36W USB-A
  • USB-A (quick charge) x 2
  • 15W x 2 wireless charging plates
  • 100W USB Type-C PD
  • 12V, 30A VR

charging methods.

  • AC input 600 W max, 100-264 VAC
  • PV input or T500 input: 1200 W max

How long will the BLUETTI EP500 last?

This solar station is quite sturdy. Thanks to the inclusion of lithium-iron batteries, the EP500 has a long life.

The EP500 and EP500 Pro both exceed 6,000 battery life cycles. Therefore, you can charge and discharge the batteries 6,000 times before seeing significant capacity losses. Therefore, these solar generators are perfect with long-lasting solar panels.

Loading time.

Despite a large battery capacity, this solar power station charges quite quickly. Using wall outlets (600W max), the EP500 should fully charge in 9-9.5 hours.

However, it charges more efficiently if you opt for solar charging. With 1200W MPPT, it charges in 4.75 hours.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro, the upgraded version, is even more powerful.

Depending on mains voltage, the EP500 Pro can be recharged in 3.3 hours (at 1800W) or 2.2 hours (at 3000W).

The EP500 fully recharges in 3.33 hours with the combined 1800W input. The Professional version, on the other hand, does so in 1.77 hours at 4000W.

Both versions of the solar generators support dual charging. Therefore, you can charge them simultaneously via sockets and solar panels.


Summary of BLUETTI EP500 features:

  • Massive 5,100 Wh battery capacity.
  • New generation lithium-iron battery.
  • 2000W PSW inverter.
  • 4800W surge inverter.
  • Over 6,000 cycles of battery life.
  • 1200W MPPT solar charging.
  • 4000 W 220 VAC Split phase connection.
  • Touch control screen.
  • Wireless charging stations.
  • Dedicated inverter mode.
  • Application monitoring.

Uninterruptible power supply.

Even brief power cuts can cause data loss or damage to your electrical devices. With the EP500 operating as an uninterruptible backup power supply, you won’t have these problems as it also comes with a built-in UPS function.

It was designed as a plug-and-play, installation-free mobile power station that can be placed anywhere in the home.

You can monitor, control and optimize your energy consumption from anywhere with the BLUETTI app, which offers remote control of energy input and output, timely energy consumption notifications real time and charging profiles to maximize battery life. With firmware update via Wi-Fi directly.


What’s included?

  • portable solar generator
  • Power adapter and cable
  • Photovoltaic charging cable
  • Warranty and user manual

More information: bluetti-ep500

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