Emergency plan to save energy

The government approved on Tuesday, October 11, its contingency plan to address energy savings for fall/winter. The executive repeatedly delayed approval at the request of Third Vice President Teresa Ribera. I was waiting for the results of the European Energy Council and the approval of the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2023.

Initially, the plan will mark a series of recommendations to facilitate energy saving and energy efficiency. However, he does not envisage a reduction in supply. The saving of natural gas for Spain is slightly lower than that foreseen in the Brussels commitment of 7%. It therefore remains in 6.4%.

Over the past few months, Ribera has held talks with the main sectoral, social, political and civil society actors. The objective: to analyze the situation and collect proposals for Spain to reduce its gas consumption, in accordance with the commitment made within the European framework.

In this sense, at the end of September, Ribera chaired the Energy sector conference. We were talking about her at the time. During this, he informed the Autonomous Communities of the progress of the contingency plan.

MITECO has worked in recent months on the development of a strategic document. It focuses on responding to the energy crisis situation caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, the emergency plan is designed for a new stage in the field of energy in the EU: it will accelerate the change of the energy model based on renewable energies, the electrification of the economy, the savings and efficiency.

The new measures will be added to the approved in early August to promote energy saving and energy efficiency. Recall that, among the measures, was the regulation of the temperature to 27 degrees in summer and 19 in winter in: shops, cinemas, hotels and public buildings. Likewise, the extinction of the windows at 10:00 p.m. or the automatic closing of the doors.

Finally, the executive does not plan to cut gas and electricity for this fall-winter due to lack of supply. They consider that this hides the significant diversification and the network of regasification plants in our country.

Character font: Europa Press, Esther de Aragon / EnergyNews,

Reference article: https://www.energynews.es/gobierrno-approves-plan-de-contingencia/

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