Eliminate aphids with Fairy – Dosage and frequency of use

For all plant lovers, the aphid is one of the biggest pests that we can find on our plants, especially in spring and summer. Controlling the aphid with soap is one of the simplest and most effective ways. cheaper to get rid of the pest. We will see how to remove the aphid with the fairy.

how to remove the aphid with the fairy

the aphid fairy as well as any soap we use to do the dishes is a powerful and effective remedy to eliminate the aphid. Although another type of soap can be used, the best known is potassium soap, but it really has nothing to do with the remedy that we are going to tell you about today.



When we say of use fairy for aphid It does not have to be expressly this well-known brand of soap, we can use any dish soap always looking at the different components of the soap. It is important that it contains fewer additives possible of the type of dyes and aromas so as not to damage our plants and on the other hand the least amount of surfactants possible.

aphid fairy

when we try fight the aphid, fairy It is one of the best component-wise brands to use on our aphid infested plants as it does not contain ingredients that are harmful to our plants and the soil, especially because it does not contain toxic waste such as phosphates or ammonium.

Another option is to use water and fog For plants, another brand of soap that we can use for pest control, although we can also use homemade soaps that we make.

The fairy and the mistol do not only serve us to fight the aphid in plants otherwise you can control other types of pests such as whitefly, eliminating aphids with the fairy is one of the best home remedies we can use, although we can use any of these 7 home remedies to fight aphids.

remove the aphid with the fairy

What we need to be clear about is that no remedy we use is immediate and everything has a dose and frequency of use for it to be truly effective. so let’s know the dose and application of the soap


The dose to eliminate aphids with fairies or any type of soap is the same as to eliminate whiteflies and always depending on the amount or presence of pests on our plants.

If the the plague is not very abundantHey, it’s not very present yet, you have to dilute it in a liter of water 10ml of soap. This soapy water against aphids must be applied to the leaves with a sprayer.

remove the aphid with the fairy

If we have the infested plant and uncontrolled aphid or whiteflies, the preparation of the soapy water will be a little different and a little more ingredient will have to be added to be able to control the plague. in a sprayer we will make a mixture of 10 ml of soap in a liter of water and we will add 1 ml of vinegar to give it more power.

In any case, there are very effective and ecological treatments on the market that we can use to fight against parasites.Potassium soap is really the king to fight against parasites, since it helps us to eliminate all kinds of parasites with soft bodies that attack our plants.

Here we leave you a selection of quality awards that may be of interest to you.

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A fundamental element for the success of this fairy home remedy to eliminate aphids is the application of soapy water to our plants.

We must spray the leaves of our affected plants on both sides, it is important not to spray excessively because we can damage the plant, with one pass it will be more than enough.

aphid fairy

Another important fact is when to apply it. It should always be applied in the afternoon, when the sun is not so strong otherwise the leaves can be burned by the sun. magnifying effect (This data is important for any foliar treatment).

The frequency of treatment will be every 3 days for 10 days or until we eliminate the plague, in this way we will kill the new nymphs that hatch a few days after the first application.

We hope this home remedy to kill aphids with fairy will help you fight your pests on plants. You might also be interested in these 7 home remedies to fight parasites.


aphid fairy

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