Electricity self-consumption: a pillar for the environment and economies

Energy has provided people with industrial, commercial and vital resources for hundreds of years, becoming a basic product for the organization of societies. However, at present, an average european It consumes 27 megawatt hours (MWh) per year according to the European Environment Agency, a figure that includes both domestic and commercial use and transportation.

The era of immediacy and the use of resources without conscience has taken hold of society, until it is gradually overwritten by data and by the most obvious clues: the environment suffers from it and, henceforth, also the pocket of the citizen. Currently, energy saving is gaining ground and we are beginning to know the importance of self-consumption of electricity as an excellent solution to all these problems.


What is self-consumption of electricity? The importance of metamorphosis

Self-consumption of electricity is the production of energy for private use thanks to renewable sourceslike solar panels. This is one of the most important measures to combat climate change and even to encourage medium and long-term savings in our particular economy.

Currently, specialized companies such as Solfy carry out energy studies for individuals and businesses in order to offer the most suitable solutions in each case and process the corresponding grant. Indeed, we also have state initiatives to promote self-consumption and achieve an effective conversion towards sustainability.

Electricity self-consumption: a pillar for the environment and savings 1

This gives us an indication of the great shift towards particular consumption, which is more respectful of the environment and of the importance it can have for persevere health of the planet.

The benefits of renewable energies and self-consumption

The Advantages of the use of renewable energies and this evolution towards energy self-consumption are innumerable and, today, they are more than contrasting. The first proof is in the impact it has on the environment: cleaner air, less greenhouse gases and, in general, less pollution.

At one particular level, energy independence is a source of long-term satisfaction. While it is true that it requires a high initial investment for its installation (a little cheaper thanks to current subsidies), over time, every home or business can see how its electricity bill decreases considerably until this investment pays off.

In this sense, you can opt for the variable of the Personal consumption total, with energy storage facilities, or in a shared mode. The latter makes it possible to spend common energy when renewable energies are insufficient.

It is clear that we have enough methods for efficient energy transformation. Although it is essential to know its importance and benefits, know that the more people opt for these alternatives, the greater the impact will be in terms of saving the environment in which we live. With a sustainable future we can avoid irreparable damage to the environment and contribute to prosperous global health. For that, we have more help today than ever: there are no more excuses.

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