EL 4.0, the plug-and-play modular electrolyser to easily produce green hydrogen

The technology company Enapter launches the first plug-and-play modular chlorinator made in Italy. This is the smallest and lightest version of its range of anion exchange membrane electrolysers.

What if starting to produce green hydrogen was as easy as turning on a light bulb?

The technology behind water electrolysis is certainly complex, but the use of water does not have to be. Today, solutions like EL 4.0, Enapter’s new plug-and-play modular chlorinator, make stand use more comfortable and accessible.


AEM electrolysers

The company designs and manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators based on anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis.

This technology has several advantages over other known processes. For example, it does not require the special membranes used in conventional alkaline electrolysis, nor the rare earth and platinum group metals required in proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis.

As a result, it offers low costs along with excellent efficiency and flexibility.

LE 4.0

EL 4.0 is the fourth generation of AEM electrolysers that Enapter has been developing since 2017 and represents the smallest and lightest version.

The device was created with the aim of offering a product that is easy to install and integrate.

A plug-and-play system (literally “connect and use”) which considerably reduces installation time.

At the same time, it is able to adapt to the needs of the end customer, growing or shrinking with him.

The “plug and play” modular chlorinator is based on standardized units that can be stacked and combined for larger projects.

Production begins in Italy.

Next step in our mission: replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen. EL 4.0 will become a key tool for system integrators, enabling them to rapidly deploy hydrogen production and implement the market growth the world needs. We are convinced that the future mass production of these AEM electrolyzers will radically change the production of green hydrogen.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, co-founder and CEO of Enapter.

Mass production of the new electrolysers is currently underway at the Enapter plant in Pisa.

The first deliveries to integrators are scheduled for the summer.

The start of mass production (> 10,000 AEM EL 4.0 modules per month) will start gradually from 2023 at the Enapter Campus, currently under construction in Saerbeck, Germany.

More information: enapter.com

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