EGO Nexus Power+ portable power generator, power when you need it at a professional level

EGO Power+ Nexus is an alternative to diesel or gasoline generators that runs on batteries.

Provides clean energy quietly. Unlike diesel or gasoline generators, which give off smoke and bad smells, this power station can be used safely in any situation.

Durable, portable, it is a stable source of clean energy for all uses, both domestic and professional. When the power is out in the neighborhood, use it to power TVs or the fridge, or whatever else you need. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the ego powerhouse review.



Designed to provide a long term power solution, the individual components of the EGO are tough and stylish.

Building the EGO power+ with a rugged black exterior casing enhances its appearance and reduces the time spent cleaning it.

Weighing less than 27 kg, the batteries are quite heavy.

Additionally, portability is enhanced by the sturdy steel handle that is ergonomic and comfortable to use. Removable batteries are useful to reduce overall weight; you can take them separately.

EGO Power+ has a waterproof finish that is also resistant to sunlight.

Storage capacity – battery output.

The Ego power plus power station storage comes with two batteries, each with a capacity of 280Wh. Thus, when the central unit is taken out of the box, its storage potential is 1120Wh (because we have 4 batteries).

As for the power, it offers a maximum of 2000 watts continuous and 3000 watts peak. The power station runs on a mix of 56V EGO batteries with four USB ports, of which you can choose to use one or all of them.

It allows you to mix the drums of your choice without any problem. When batteries of different capacities are used, the control unit draws power from the highest battery until all batteries start working simultaneously.


EGO Nexus has 4 USB ports and 3 AC outlets of 120V each.

Please note that unlike many other powerhouses, EGO Nexus does not have a USB C port or DC power outlet.

In addition, you can only charge the device via an AC outlet, and the generator does not directly support the input of solar panels.

Charging system.

Ego Nexus has a built-in battery charging system, which is the only method of recharging the batteries.

The battery charge rate is approximately 2.3 Ah per hour, which means it takes 2.2 hours to charge a 5 Ah battery or approximately 9 hours to charge all four batteries. Once the charger is plugged in, the LED display will show the approximate charging time once the control unit has stabilized.

Suppose you are charging more than one battery; the charger switches from one battery to the adjacent battery. Instead of switching to the next battery once one is full, it switches at constant intervals until all batteries fill up at around the same time.

However, you cannot use the power station while it is charging. If you try to plug in the charger and power up your electronics, Ego Nexus cuts off the power and continues the charging process. You have to wait until it is fully charged or stop charging completely and use the power already available.

cooling effect.

It has a fan that spins low and cools the device. This action prevents overheating and keeps the device under control. Avoid overheating and unnecessary damage to the device. The cooling effect is silent.

Devices it can power.

EGO Nexus+ can power almost any electronic device under 2000W.

In general, you can use this generator to power your TV, refrigerator, computer, drill, microwave oven and other tools you need in your work. The wattage and surge is high enough to power many power tools such as scroll saws, power drills, etc.

EGO offers a range of power tools such as leaf blower, saw, lawn mower etc. The best thing is that the batteries of your devices work with each other. For example, if you have an EGO lawn mower, you can use its battery for your EGO Nexus power station.


  • Capable of powering various 15A equipment.
  • 2000 watt continuous power handles up to 3000 watts of power plant surge.
  • Large, bright LCD screen.
  • Easily replaceable batteries.


  • Does not accept direct charging from solar panels.
  • Ports limited.
  • Does not start all 15 amp motors.


In my opinion, battery generators are better than diesel or gasoline generators due to the fact that they are versatile, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

With so many power stations on the market, it can be difficult to choose one. If you are looking for an economical and powerful battery generator, the EGO Nexus is the best for you. I would only buy this if I want to use the generator to run power tools. If I only need a battery station for home or travel use, I would skip the Nexus and buy the Bluetti EB150 or equivalent, for example.

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