Ecological certifications in cleaning products

When it comes to choosing cleaning products with green certifications, it can often be confusing due to the various third-party certifications. There is a wide variety of green cleaning solutions and supplies available today that have adhered to various guidelines and standards to be certified.


Why are organic certifications important?

An environmental authority considers that products of ecological cleaning which carry a certified label they are safer for human health and the environment. This certification is only granted to products that meet designated environmental standards, which are often related to biodegradability, low VOC content, low toxicity, reduced water and environmental pollution. air and low energy consumption. and building occupants.

Products of the future: the eco-label will make the difference

A key area of ​​sustainability at Interclean Amsterdam 2022 is eco-labelling. Many companies are actively striving to be more environmentally friendly, which is not surprising given the positive effect it has on the environment and on the companies themselves. A good way to recognize a company that respects the environment is its eco-label. It is an environmental performance certificate that organizations or government authorities grant to companies that have ecological products or services, or an environmentally friendly production process.

Eco-labeling has become a key way for companies to differentiate products that are endorsed by industry experts from those that are not. For sellers, eco-labeling will quickly become an almost obligatory means of market professional cleaning and hygiene solutions, especially when it comes to cleaning chemicals.

Tips for Buying Certified Green Cleaning Products

To contribute to this environmental practice, it is recommended:

Among the different types of certifications, the ECOLABEL label is one of the most important and decisive at European level. It is therefore a European eco-label that certifies the environmental performance of a specific product or service. East valid throughout the European Union and EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

Companies, businesses, and organizations label their products or services to share information about the quality and content of their products. This information is used as a marketing tool that builds consumer trust and helps differentiate similar products.

A good example of certification is the company la corberanabeing one of the manufacturers of cleaning products certified by the Ecolabel label.

La Corberana is a company that offers design, manufacturing and marketing services for numerous cleaning, water treatment, disinfection products and much more.

  • Actively purchase environmentally certified products

One of the best ways to start improving green home cleaning practices is to purchase products that are certified as “green”. However, in the vast and often vague world of product marketing, it can be incredibly confusing to identify which products are actually environmentally safe and contain non-toxic materials and which products simply claim such qualities.

Fortunately, in the UK, Europe and America, several manufacturers produce environmentally friendly cleaning products. These products are made with non-toxic chemicals and are packaged in biodegradable containers. Purchasing these types of green cleaning products will reduce your carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. If you are a homeowner or homeowner looking to buy green cleaning products from trusted suppliers.

Business efforts

The development of eco-labels has its origins in the efforts of companies, private organizations and governments to promote the consumption of products that are more respectful of the environment and support the use of sustainable production practices.

Thus, eco-labels such as ECOLABEL can be understood as market promotion instruments for products with specific characteristics. It works by giving potential buyers the ability to choose products with specific features that would otherwise be difficult to identify or rate. By using these qualities as benchmarks, sellers can increase the price.

At the same time, and alongside government policy and consumer demand, eco-labels can be used as a tool to promote sustainable innovation that benefits both consumer and producer.

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