Eco air conditioning for the summer: prepare your industrial warehouse

With him the skyrocketing cost of energy and turbulent times across many industries, finding the most efficient and cost-effective options has become a vital priority for all businesses. In the industrial field, this translates, among other things, into the search for the best solutions to be implemented in industrial warehouses and manufacturing, production and/or distribution plants.

One of the big problems with these installations is the consumption, especially when the warmer seasons arrive. Temperatures rise dramatically, affecting both operators and machines. To avoid this, it is necessary to have good air conditioning systems. Systems with which we are now trying, by all means, to reduce consumption.


Are there low-energy air conditioning systems for industrial buildings?

There are many options that provide adequate temperatures in industrial buildings without having to go through large consumptions. Among the options that are gaining popularity in the industry, there is no doubt that industrial evaporative air conditioners are. Its installation is becoming one of the most common in this area.

Eco air conditioning for the summer: prepare your industrial warehouse 1

The reasons are clear: they significantly reduce consumption, reaching air conditioning surfaces of more than 250 square meters with a energy expenditure equal to or less than 1 kWh; They are also easy to install, they avoid the accumulation of humidity, bad odors and smoke and, in addition, their maintenance and installation are simple and inexpensive. One of their most important aspects is also that they reduce emissions. By consuming less electrical energy, less energy power is needed to operate and operate them, with all that this implies not only economically, but also ecologically. Likewise, their way of working corresponds above all to industries such as food or paper, since they do not damage food or materials.

His proposal is one of those that has aroused the most interest when it comes to saving on electricity consumption, although its benefits go far beyond that. It is true that not all industrial facilities can rely on them, whether by distribution or placement. Although, fortunately, its technology is evolving to such an extent that They can now be virtually anywhere in the industry if they choose.

This does not prevent other more traditional solutions which can continue to be used depending on the plants. Some factories still have machines such as portable fans on, as well as cooling systems that use cooling products to achieve their results. Evaporative air conditioners are gaining ground because they involve low consumption and reduced cost in exchange for offering quite interesting qualities, but, although they are spreading, they have not yet become standardized in the industrial sector.

Its advantages are obvious, but the sector continues to evolve and it is very likely that sooner or later its formula will evolve to continue to offer better thermal and hygrometric conditions at an even lower cost in every way. They grow stronger through savings, but also because they are a solution that is not very harmful to the environment.

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