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There “Earth Hour” It is now one of the largest global movements for environmental sustainability. Tomorrow Saturday March 25will take place “Earth Hour 2023” To 20:30 -Spanish Peninsula Time-. The event, organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF)brings together millions of people from over 190 countries will turn off the lights for an hour to show their support for our planet.

“Earth Hour 2023” is celebrated in a very complicated situation due to the humanitarian crisis that causes the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Despite this, it is a movement of solidarity to support people and the planet, projecting a message of peace and harmony between human beings and nature.


What is “Earth Hour” and how did it come about?

On March 31, 2007, Earth Hour was celebrated for the first time in Sydney, one of Australia’s largest and best-known cities. On March 29, 2008, the event took place around the world, bringing together 35 countries and more than 400 cities. Since then, this event has been organized every year to raise awareness among the world’s population of the importance of demanding joint action against the climate crisis.

Since 2007, when this internationally important event was created, “Earth Hour” has focused on the problems caused by climate change and the constant loss of biodiversity that threatens the nature of the Earth. More than 190 countries around the world, spanning every continent on Earth, are broadcasting actions, conversations and news in digital media to achieve the long-awaited goal of enjoying sustainable nature by 2030.

A global call is being made for more people, cities, communities, businesses and countries to participate in “Earth Hour”. It’s about turning off lights around the world for an hour to support sustainability and do something positive for our planet. The logo for this event is ’60+’, emphasizing the need for urgent action against the climate crisis threatening our planet.


If we turn off the lights, are we already saving the planet?

The answer is no. It is a symbolic action, since the light we use daily in our homes comes from both hydroelectric and thermal power stations, which use coal and oil to produce the electricity we consume. In addition, carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere, which is one of the main contributors to the global warming that exists on our planet.

Juan Carlos del Olmo, Secretary General of WWF Spain, indicates the importance of “Earth Hour”:

With Earth Hour, we want to warn that we no longer have a minute to lose, that we must act quickly and decisively, that we must change our relationship to the planet.Juan Carlos del Olmo

The report “Climate change 2023: summary reportpresented last Monday by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) It calls for “more ambitious” measures to adapt to human-induced climate change and halve greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

Turning off the lights does not make us saviors of the planet, but rather teaches us to reflect on the excessive energy consumption we make in our daily lives. This reflection, in addition to electricity consumption, has the primary objective of making known all the products that we consume daily in the world.

Sources: Ambientum Writing, WWF

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