Doubts about waste recycling? See the most frequently asked questions

Recycling is much more than a social commitment, it is the way each of us can take care of the environment in an active and direct way, but what do you know about recycling? We tell you what are the most common questions about recycling and their answers.



Where to throw contact lenses?

The first thing you need to know is that contact lenses are not biodegradable, so they can’t be flushed down the toilet or you’ll contaminate the water with microplastics.

Should they be put in the yellow bin? Well neither, since it’s not just any type of container. Contact lenses go straight to the trash can, the usual trash can.

Where are the pizza boxes thrown away?

The pizza boxes are made of cardboard but can they be thrown in the blue bin? The answer to this question has sparked controversy.

According to environmental associations such as Greenpeace, Ecologists in Action and Friends of the Earth, regardless of the number of cardboard or corrugated cardboard, it should not be thrown into the blue bin, because a stained cardboard can no longer be recycled and has to go in the trash but most importantly the whole box is usually not stained so you can pull out the clean part and throw it in the blue trash can.

What happens in the organic container?

The organic bin is not yet present in all cities but it is the way. In some municipalities there are initiatives to create composting areas by neighborhoods or communities, in others they choose to include one more container, which is usually the brown one.

Sea como sea, en este contenedor hay que echar los restos de alimentos (cáscaras de huevo, bolsitas de infusiones or de té, restos de marisco), papel de cocina usado, tierra de macetas or restos de jardinería, tapones de corcho auténtico, posos of coffee. In short, anything that has an untreated natural origin or that is biodegradable.

What cannot be included in this container are compresses or nappies, you cannot dispose of excrement of any kind, wipes (even if they say on the packaging that they are biodegradable, they are not), ashtray or coffee capsule remains, cat litter or textile remains.

Where is used oil disposed of?

Used oil should not be flushed down the sink or toilet, it is essential that you take this into account and act accordingly.

Recycling oil is the easiest thing ever. You can use it to turn it into homemade soap, you will be impressed with how easy it is to use and how few materials or ingredients you need. On the other hand, if you prefer to recycle, you just have to store it at home in a plastic bottle (you can reuse those of water or oil) and fill it.

All oils can be recycled, but you cannot mix food oils with motor or industrial oils.

Where to throw the coffee capsules?

Many errors circulate on the internet concerning the recycling of these coffee capsules. The first thing you need to know is that these should not be put in the yellow container, whether they are aluminum or plastic.

In some areas, such as the Community of Madrid, there are clean points in all neighborhoods where there is a section for coffee capsules. Another option is to check with the brand of the coffee capsules as they usually have collection areas.

What container do tetra bricks go in?

I understand the confusion that many of you have with tetrabrics, whether it is milk, juice or any other product. In its composition it has a high cardboard content, so that’s where the controversy comes from, because should it be sent in the blue container?

Certainly not. Tetra bricks also contain plastic and aluminum, two compounds that force them to go straight to the yellow container for recycling.

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