Documentary Back to Earth

This documentary represents the daily life of a coffee producer and another of panela, while exploring the relationship between food and territory through the narration of the forced displacement and return of the population of the village of El Vergel de San Carlos Antiochia.

The coffee and panela production processes serve to commemorate the armed conflict and show the capacity for social and territorial regeneration of this community.

General Manager and Assembly: Juan David Ceballos Carvajal Music: La Popular Banda Content Art Producer Co-writers: Diego Duque Arias, Lucía Montoya Marín, Octaviano Agudelo Aristizábal, Genaro Arias Clavijo, Orlando Foronda, María Hoyos Quintero, Jesús María Duque, Javier Fernando Acosta, Franklin Marín Ariztizábal, Norman Riasco, Jaime Duque Atehortua, Luis Enrique Giraldo Urrea, Ramiro Arias Clavijo, Luz Mery Duque Atehortua, María Yaned Ariztizábal, Ángel Arboleda Arboleda, Mariana Ortega, Luis Claret García Giraldo, Andrés de Fex Laserna.

This documentary was the product of the investigation”food, territory and memories of the armed conflict in the village of El Vergel de San Carlos Antioquia», funded by the CODI Regions 2017 call of the University of Antioquia. Images belonging to Jesús Abad Colorado appear published in the book to look at deep life.


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