Do you want to buy a house? Know the importance of having amenities

Amenities are accessories that add value to your home. Spaces whose mere existence improves your quality of life and offers you the possibility of having fun without going out or moving away.

These characteristics mean that currently properties that incorporate these areas are in high demand. So, if you own a property that incorporates amenities, its level and valuation are currently growing.

The best thing is that this revaluation trend promises to continue for a long time. All thanks to the fact that today people appreciate having this type of space more.


All about amenities

Amenities are features that add value to a property because they improve the lives of its residents. They do this by providing spaces that, within or near the same building, meet recreational needs, providing recreation and entertainment.

Previously, these types of facilities were considered expendable and almost a luxury. But now, after the pandemic, they have shown how beneficial they are. They have practically ceased to be a luxury and have become a necessity.

Among the common amenities that you can find in or near a house, the following stand out:

  • Gym.
  • Movie room.
  • Terrace.
  • Game room.
  • Pool.
  • Sports field.
  • Parks.
  • Common areas.
  • Pet area.
  • business centre.

With amenities like this at your fingertips, you’ll find plenty of options to spend your time. Do you know how beneficial this can be? You save transport or gas, as well as transfer time and you can choose the perfect time to do your activities without restrictions.

All of these types of amenities are quite common in new real estate developments in Querétaro, Guadalajara, CDMX, Mérida, Monterrey, among others.

What are the most common amenities in a home?

The type of equipment varies according to the site to which it belongs. For example, the space of an apartment will not allow you to have the same type of amenities as a house. The same thing happens in the case of comparing the areas of a whole residential complex with the land plot of a house. Simply space limits you.

Therefore, depending on the location, you will have one or another type of equipment. In the case of houses, you can find:

  • Open spaces with large gardens.
  • Larger rooms.
  • Games rooms or cinema room.
  • Space to work from home.
  • Private swimming pool.

What are the amenities in an apartment?

In the case of an apartment, the living space is smaller, so the amenities are even more limited.

Thus, to have spaces for relaxation and leisure, normally each real estate project of this type generally includes common areas. Areas within a single residential complex that provide these services to all residents.

The most common are:

  • Game room.
  • Pool.
  • Pet area.
  • Sports field.
  • Gym.
  • Beach (In the case of towns close to the sea).

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have rooms with special features that add more comfort to your apartment. On the contrary, many properties tend to have at least one large and luxurious powder room, as well as large bedrooms and balconies with pleasant views.

If you are interested in apartments with these characteristics, there are real estate projects that have expanded this idea, for example the real estate development in Monterrey is projected as an excellent investment to consider, especially in the Alfonso Reyes district.

Why are amenities essential in construction projects?

Because in every way they add value to ownership. First, you have areas at your fingertips to recreate and de-stress, which is very popular with people right now.

Second, they are spaces whose mere existence gives greater economic value to ownership. So, if you want to resell it later, the capital gain will bring you more.

Which are the ones in which we invest the most and the least?

Clients looking for new properties often have preferred amenities. In Mexico, next to quality public services, the most sought after are: the gym and the swimming pool.

On the other hand, the least popular elements are: green spaces or gardens and terraces.

Amenities of the current CDMX real estate market

Currently, new buildings in Mexico City incorporate a wide variety of amenities. All oriented to satisfy the leisure or service needs that modern owners are looking for.

In CDMX, according to Rocío Uribe, director of Quality Inmobiliaria Uribe, the most requested are gymnasiums and swimming pools. But the most basic ones found in almost all real estate developments are: private security with 41%, laundry room with 22%, terrace with 18% and gardens with 17%.

Projection: what will CDMX equipment look like after the pandemic?

With the pandemic, the requirements for buying a property have completely changed. The confinement caused by the quarantine situation has made us aware of the importance of having specialized spaces.

Having a room conditioned for leisure or having a park at hand, and even a gym, has ceased to be a luxury and has become a necessity. It’s not easy having to work from home, completing activities and not finding a way to distract yourself.

This is why a change in buying trends is beginning to be felt. Clients demand properties that include amenities. As observed, the projection is made towards the following types of goods:

  • Vertical housing. They are apartments that allow you to live in private urbanizations and have access to transport services, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • mixed developments. These are real estate complexes that integrate all kinds of sites and services.
  • Studies. These are rooms within the same house that are specially conditioned to install an office.
  • Balconies and terraces. These are small additional spaces in the apartments that allow the connection with the exterior of the building. The most appreciated are those that incorporate beautiful views and those that have enough space to invite friends over for dinner or to drink chocolate.
  • Recreational areas. These are entertainment areas, for example swimming pools, parks, gymnasiums, etc.

Why is it a good option to invest in properties with amenities?

Buying properties with amenities is a safe investment. Currently, interest in these spaces is growing and their value is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Whatever the type of property, be it a house, a hotel or an apartment, the right thing to do is to buy ensuring that it incorporates this new concept of products. Where the basic needs of housing or accommodation are valued, but also those of entertainment.

If you have the incentive to buy, you can find the best such options in Mexico with the real estate agency La Haus, which, with its intelligent search system, quickly brings you closer to the property with the spaces you want.

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