Dinapsis for Water Releases New Version of ACIS V1 Chlorine and Flow Sensor

As part of its activity aimed at optimizing the complete water cycle, Dinapsis continues to improve various devices aimed at guaranteeing optimal operation, both for the managers of the water cycle and for the final consumer: the citizens. ACIS is one of Dinapsis’ commitments to technologies that don’t waste water.

With ACIS v1, the quality data online tracking the chlorine distribution network and the flow rate. In addition, it also contributes to the preservation of the environment with efficient technology that does not waste water and does not generate waste, having no reactants. This new upgraded version has a new electrode head more resistant and robust to withstand harsh environments with guarantees.

New data logger provides greater flexibility to the sensor and can be easily integrated into different advanced intelligence platforms in one cyber secure environment. Of course, all this within the Dinapsis suite. In addition, among many other functions, it allows remote adjustment and reconfiguration, or the addition of other sensors.

The Dinapsis network is Agbar’s commitment to the digital transformation of the integral water cycle, which includes the most advanced technologies in order to optimize the operational management of the integral water cycle 24X7.

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