Detailed Explanation of Iberdrola Cups Code Data

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In recent times, due to events all over the world, energy has become quite expensive and is a major concern for everyone. In Spain we have Iberdrola, one of the most important companies in Europe, in charge of energy issues throughout our country. One of the many doubts that you have surely had at some point is related to the codes of the mugs, but don’t worry, we are going to tell you everything you need to know.


How to find the Iberdrola CUPS code, with or without an invoice?

Iberdrola Global Supply Point (CUPS) is required to manage energy contracts. We let you know what it is, where you can find it, and how you can get it.

What is CUPS?

The Iberdrola Distribución CUPS number, currently called i-DE Distribución, is a 20-22 digit alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies the delivery point.

Please note that Iberdrola CUPS codes always start with ES0021. This is specific to each house, apartment or establishment and is essential for each registration procedure.

  • An Iberdrola CUPS example: ES 0021 1252 2145 4785 NO

We must keep in mind that CUPS is linked to the asset, so it will not change if the owner modifies it. Although we keep in mind that this number will be different for the electricity and gas supplies of the same accommodation.

What do the Iberdrola CUPS numbers mean?

  • FR: Specify the country where the delivery point is located (Spain in our case).
  • The next 4 digits belong to the distributor managing the delivery (0021 for Iberdroli).
  • The remaining 12 digits are internal numbers assigned according to your own settings.
  • The last 2 characters are 2 control characters confirming the correctness of CUPS.

Where is the CUPS on the Iberdrola bill?

On the Iberdrola invoice, the CUPS number appears on the second page of the “Additional Information” section. This information is collected in accordance with the concept of point of purchase identification (CUPS). It should be noted that, as the name of this section indicates, you will find here all the information related to your electricity or gas contract. These data are necessary to carry out the procedure.

How to know the CUPS without having the Iberdrola invoice?

If you don’t have an account, you can verify your PO CUPS code in several ways:

  • In your Iberdrola account: To do this, click on “My contracts” >> “Contracts” then select the delivery point for which you want to know the CUPS code.
  • Send receipts: If you have active digital invoicing, simply enter your customer area, click on “My invoices” and access the history at the bottom. Contact the seller: just call the power company’s help desk.
  • Call your dealer: If you know of a responsible dealer in your area, please contact them for this information.
  • The CUPS code can only be requested by the holder of the supply. Additionally, if you request this information over the phone, either from the company or from the distributor, you will be asked:
  • Holder’s full name.
  • holder’s identity document.
  • Exact address of the refueling point.
  • Reason for request.

Note that a reseller is a CUPS supplier and the company does not need to be in the same group. Users can have i-DE (from the Iberdrola team) as a distributor and hire marketers from another group.

How can I request it from Iberdrola if I don’t have it?

CUPS is awarded by the regional distributor when commissioning a new delivery point, which is an important electricity or gas procurement procedure. If you don’t have CUPS it means the property has never had electricity before and therefore you will need to register your electricity or gas with your chosen dealer. Once the authorized technician confirms that all is well, the distributor sends the CUPS to the new order point and notifies the user.

When is it necessary to know the Iberdrola CUPS?

In most procedures, the sender will need to provide a CUPS code. For this reason, it is important to know how to find this information on your invoice. The following procedures are examples:

  • High electricity with Iberdrola.
  • Change of ownership. Replacement power under contract with Iberdrola.
  • Modify the personal data of the electricity contract. Switch to another Iberdrola fare.
  • Change electricity company.

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