Desolenator, solar distillation system to provide drinking water to everyone at a lower cost

A solar-powered distillation system for the sustainable desalination of complex water supplies.

Thanks to an integrated system that combines optimized distillation, a new heat exchange mechanism and remineralization, Desolenator provides drinking water using only sunlight and seawater.

Today, industrial desalination uses 0.4% of the world’s annual electricity and is on track to be responsible for 5% of global carbon emissions by 2040.

To solve this problem, Desolenator does not use membranes, chemicals or polluting diesel, unlike traditional technologies.

Instead, the patented technology uses the planet’s most abundant resource: the sun.

By recovering thermal and electrical energy from an integrated photovoltaic panel, Desolenator produces high quality watercontrolled by a control panel.

This solution eliminates the need for external energy, with the aim of providing drinking water to everyone at a lower cost and with a low environmental impact.

  • Produces 100 times less CO2 per liter than single-use plastic bottled water.
  • It produces water at a competitive cost of less than €1/m³.
  • No external energy costs.

A patented technology that uses 100% solar energy to purify any source of water and turn it into drinking water on a large scale.

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