D-Pod, a modern one-piece cabin in the woods

Imminent Studio and Grafito Design Studio have teamed up to create the Dwelling Pod or D-Pod for short, its design and aesthetic following the current trend of prefabricated “cabins in the woods”.

Built with concrete, glass and metallic materials, D-Pod is “based on the concept of lightness”, as the design studio Grafito puts it, “where separation from the ground is sought and elevated; its internal functional modules use also this concept of “separation” of the floor and the ceiling”.

In fact, D-Pod’s minivan nature makes walls unnecessary. Aiming to create an interior of spatial fluidity, the “rooms” of the D-Pod blend into each other without the added obstacle of walls or physical boundaries.

With transparent walls that run from floor to ceiling, D-Pod’s interior expands the visual space, dissolving D-Pod’s only walls into the surrounding environment.

Conceptualized in the middle of a dense forest and mounted on a solid rock formation, D-Pod’s spatial fluidity, transparent walls and air of modernity allow the structure to blend into its surroundings.

Inspired by the shape of automobiles, the curved edges and minivan frame of the D-Pod are inspired by the structure of minivans.

While the rounded corners give the D-Pod a distinctive and attractive frame, its flat surfaces, ceiling and floor fill the D-Pod with functionality and stability.

At 170m2, D-Pod is currently only a design, but everything from the inside to the outside is ready for market launch.

Designers: Imminent Studio and Graphite Design Studio

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