Copaiba oil and its many properties


What is copaiba oil and where is it extracted from?

The call copaiba oilalso copaiba resin or balm, is extracted from the tree of the same name, whose scientific name is Copaifera officinaliswhich is endemic to the Amazon and the Caribbean islands.

The first to use the properties of this balm obtained by incision in copaïba were the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin, where many countries currently converge, although the largest of them is above all Brazil.

The resin extracted to make copaiba oil is used for a number of ailments. It was precisely these properties that led Europeans to bring it to Europe as early as the 17th century, using it mainly to treat wounds, lung problems and venereal diseases.

Properties of copaiba oil

Copaiba oil stands out for its properties and benefits in fighting the most diverse and varied diseases and ailments.

One of the most common uses of the oil is for its properties healing. Moreover, being anti-inflammatoryit is very suitable for wounds such as cuts and scratches, since it has this double action that helps us heal and reduce inflammation.

It is very beneficial for treating muscle and joint pain, in which case it can be poured over and massaged, and it is very good for arthritis.

Other properties to highlight are that it is also antiseptic, antifungal Yes expectorantwhich was one of the first uses given to it by the Europeans when they introduced the distillation of this resin on the old continent.

Copaiba oil, what is it used for?The resin extracted from the bark of the tree

Benefits of copaiba oil: what is it for?

Copaiba oil has been used since time immemorial to treat all kinds of conditions, of which we could highlight:

It is very good to heal arthritisthe osteoarthritis and other joint injuries.

It can be used, with proven success, to treat urinary infections Yes cystitis.

The combination of healing, antifungal and anti-inflammatory makes it very useful for treating skin diseases such as dermatitisthe psoriasis and herpes.

Thanks to its antifungal effect, it has also been used to treat body fungus.

the ear infections They can be treated with copaiba oil drops, as being an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it can help soothe and improve the health of the infected ear.

illnesses like asthmathe bronchitis and others respiratory system problemsas good as cough can be treated with this oil.

It is very effective in treating diseases of the digestive systemlike him constipation and the gastritis. Moreover, it is a powerful laxative.

copaiba oil propertiesThe characteristic fruit of copaiba

Copaiba oil can be used in massage, to heal damaged skin, in case of wounds or skin problems, and can be used internally by adding a few drops to a glass of water.

Also, it is available in many soaps, shampoos, creams and various ranges of cosmetic products. Copaiba essential oil is also marketed.

Contraindications of copaiba oil

Copaiba oil is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women. In addition, its prolonged or excessive use can cause stomach upsetdue to its powerful laxative action.

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