Companies must switch to renewable energy

we all know that the planet is in climate crisis and that the global temperature approaches the limits of 1.5°C set by the Paris Agreement. Global action is urgently needed to mitigate carbon emissions and one way to do this is to promote renewable energy.

If we continue at the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, this limit will be exceeded in the coming decades with drastic and irreparable consequences for the planet such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, frequency and severity of heat waves, droughts or rainfall, and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.

In this global context, it is necessary to be aware and to start acting now, by taking sustainable measures.

Energy produced from fossil fuels is a major contributor to emissions. That’s why one strategy would be to changeat least in part, the type of energy we currently consume from renewables which are produced from inexhaustible natural resources, such as wind, hydro or solar.


What is the current energy sector like?

Currently in Spain, the renewable energy sector can be classified into production companies, electricity distributors and electricity distributors.

Businesses generators are those who are responsible for energy production in its production plants and transfers it to the electricity network. These can be thermal, nuclear, gas, hydro or electric power plants that use alternative or clean energy, are examples of production companies.

the distributors Electrical companies own the electrical infrastructure, i.e. cables and poles, and their function is to distribute the energy to the points of consumption. They are also responsible for keeping everything running smoothly and interconnecting with the necessary infrastructure. They are private companies.

the traders Utilities are responsible for selling energy that travels through utility networks and reaches homes or businesses.

Since July 1, 2009, marketers have been in charge of electricity billing. In other words, they are the ones who bill the customer for the energy he consumes.

Solar energy

Sunlight can be used to produce clean energy capture it and transform it with solar panels.

These panels are able to convert solar radiation thanks to the photovoltaic effect, through a multitude of stimulated cells, called photovoltaic cells, and convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar energy accessible to all

In June 2021, changes were made to electricity tariffs with the aim of promoting energy efficiency, penalizing consumption during “peak hours”, when the electricity network is more congested, and favoring consumption during say “off-peak hours”. when the electrical network is less congested.

This encourages energy consumption to be spread over the 24 hours of the day and for consumers to start thinking about renewable energy as alternatives that benefit the care of the planet and positively impact their economy.

But sometimes it is difficult for us to think how we could implement this change of energies in our businesses. We imagine that it is necessary to make significant expenses and investments, complicated installations and that it is a change that is not within our reach.

Currently, there are specialized marketing companies that can solve energy sustainability in a simple and economical way, managing to make a difference in conventional energy consumption.

Such is the case of the company “Imagina Energía”, the first 100% solar energy company in Spain offering an integrated service self-consumption without investment Yes 100% solar powered from the grid certified so that its customers can take care of the planet while paying less for the energy consumed. It is also developing solar power plants in Spain, connecting homes and businesses to clean, 100% solar energy.

Currently, photovoltaic solar energy is considered the cheapest source of electricity, and the one with the greatest potential in the years to come. This is why large energy consumers such as industries, hotels and businesses could make a difference in terms of emissions and improve their profitability by installing solar panels in their businesses like those offered by Imagina Energy.

The plans offered by this company are without investment since its customers do not pay for the solar panels and, in addition, Imagina Energía is responsible for the proper functioning of the panels, as well as their maintenance.

We all make change

We have the opportunity to become aware and take responsibility for our planet, by acting in a sustainable way.

The more of us there are to demand to consume green energy, the more the pressure will be exerted to increase its production and its weight in the total energy mix.

Supplementing solar energy is possible, reducing the consumption of polluting energy and avoiding CO2 emissions.

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