CityQ, four-wheel electric bike for getting around town safely

E-bikes require less pedaling effort than regular bikes, but most still offer little load-carrying capacity or weather protection. The CityQ is designed to provide both, as well as four-wheel stability.

Designed by Norwegian company CityQ AS, this vehicle pedals like a bicycle, with a 250W pedal assist motor. However, the pedals are not directly connected to the transmission. Instead, the CityQ features what is simply described as “a software-managed transmission – like we find in electric cars”.

We don’t yet know what that means, although we suspect it might look like using an alternator to convert the rider’s pedaling power into electricity, which is stored in a battery that powers the motor.

The battery can be charged from a wall outlet. In the case of the CityQ, a charge of about 5 hours of both vehicle batteries is sufficient for a range of 70 to 100 km.

Windshields, roof and side doors help protect riders from wind and rain. The cabin can be configured for two adults (one behind the other), one adult and two children, or one adult and additional cargo space.

The vehicle measures 87 cm wide by 155 cm high by 222 cm long, weighs 68 kg and can support a maximum load of 300 kg.

According to its designers, it is legally considered an e-bike, meaning it can ride on bike paths and other car-free areas. It is also not necessary to have a driving license to circulate.

Currently there is no mention of specifications such as brakes, suspension or lighting. They claim that its electric drivetrain enables features like automatic shifting, reverse, regenerative braking, intensive mode and cruise control.

CityQ is now available for booking through the company’s website, with deliveries expected to begin later this year. Its price is 7,450 euros (about 9,093 US dollars).

You can see it in action in this video:


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