CEWE: ecology by flag

Today we live in a world where we take thousands of photos, we all carry a professional camera in our pocket.

Although it is easier than ever, these photos often end up being lost, due to damage to the mobile phone, because the computer has crashed and things like that, it also often happens that we take photos and we never see them.

That’s why it’s a good idea to do like our parents and grandparents and take the trouble to find the photos that are important to us and print them, a beautiful photo album, a table for the house, it there are many options available, it can also be a gift for a special person.

But what about the carbon footprint? Well, it goes without saying that mobile phones and cloud object storage have a large, if smaller, carbon footprint by printing a scrapbook. However, there was one company that decided it could be done better, and that’s how CEWE managed, after 20 years of effort, to have all photo books printed by them have a zero carbon footprint.

CEWE: Ecology by flag 1

And not content with that, they’ve created an eco-friendly development option for those who dare to go the extra mile with recycled paper and water-based inks.


Emissions and Renewable Energy Control

The first point to achieve this was to change the energy matrix of the factories for solar energy, while seeking energy efficiency in the processes and even the optimization of computer systems to reduce the consumption of servers, in this way they have obtained several certifications and managed to reduce 3416 tons of CO₂ in total.

Waste Management

It’s about taking waste and classifying it so that it can be reused or recycled, while rethinking processes to generate less waste or make it recyclable.

Treatment and reuse of chemical components

For 50 years the company has been working and improving its processes, in this way it has managed today to treat and recycle 85% of the chemicals used in analog photographic development, which translates into a saving of 95% of the products. in a revelation.

Eco-responsible water management

Another of the pillars of sustainability of this photo development and printing company is good water management, for this again they are in charge of all parts of the process, they have water collection rain, water treatment and reuse plants and also the use of materials that pollute water as little as possible.

But CEWE not only checks its processes for sustainability, but also that its raw materials are, which is why it has obtained FSC certification.

And it also involves employees in all of these processes and more by giving employees trees to plant in their gardens and there are even beehives run by factory staff.

For all this, thanks to CEWE we can now print or reveal photos to have a beautiful memory in a sustainable and ecological way.

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