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During this year we want to introduce you to the people and dreams behind each of the brands that make up the Esturirafi online store. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Naturavia: natural cosmetics made in Galicia with organic ingredients. Not tested on animals. Without petroleum derivatives. This brand of organic cosmetics was one of our first choices when choosing products for our shop. Its natural soaps and pure oils plastic-free packaging these are our favorites.


Nature via. Certified natural cosmetics made in Galicia

Who is behind Naturavia?

Naturavia is made up of three people. Pepe and Carla started this adventure in 2009 and 5 years later Lorena joined them. Before Naturavia came into their lives, Carla was doing her thesis on rheumatoid arthritis at the University of Santiago de Compostela, and Pepe was preparing to become a traffic education teacher.

Naturavia’s dream has revolutionized their lives and upset her. They decided to drop everything and bet on this project.

We were convinced that another way of taking care of oneself was possible. Natural beauty, which respects the planet and does not harm our environment. And we thought that was a wonderful way to contribute our grains of sand.

family in natureWhere and how do you manufacture your products?

We manufacture our products in Ribadavia, in our laboratory. When we opted for Naturavia, we clearly knew where we wanted to be. In a corner of our hometown, Ribadavia, where we could make this alternative cosmetic, live in harmony with nature, and get away from the hectic pace of life in the city.

It’s Naturevia. Our place in the world. A redoubt to create and experience. A space to connect with nature and develop cosmetics that respect the skin and the environment , using organic ingredients. A corner dedicated to cocooning and skincare.

If you get closer, you will see vineyards, the Avia river and an infinity of aromatic and medicinal plants. And even closer, you will find us and our laboratory, where we manufacture our products.

Our work begins with formula and product design. We first take care of imagining the ideal product. Once we have the formula, we carefully select the raw materials. Here we favor proximity and ecological origin, and finally in our laboratory we prepare the product, package it and label it.

Manufacturing is done in small batcheswhich allows us to control each step in the most rigorous way, in a sustainable way and without contamination.

What were the motivations for creating Naturavia?

Naturavia was born with the aim of making alternative cosmetics a reality: ecological, natural and Galician. A cosmetic that respects the skin, the environment and the resources of the planet.

But Naturavia is much more than certified organic cosmetics. Naturavia is a vital project. A modus vivendi in harmony with nature, and the affirmation that it is possible slow down and consciously enjoy every moment without haste, without excess and in a sustainable way.

Hands wrapping Naturavia natural soapWhat values ​​are hidden behind your brand of natural cosmetics?

The core values ​​of the brand are:

  • Environmentally friendly cosmetics: taking care of our environment.
  • Transparency and trust. We like our formulations to be simple and easy for the consumer to read and the information we share to be as thorough and transparent as possible.
  • Handmade cosmetics: We are extremely lucky to manufacture every Naturavia product with our own hands. In our favorite corner of the world, we formulate and combine natural and organic ingredients until we achieve the desired results. We create sustainable natural cosmetics, in accordance with our way of life.
  • Natural cosmetics: it’s in our DNA, in ourselves and in everything around us. Nature and all that it offers us is our starting point. We select natural and organic ingredients for all our preparations, looking for the greatest benefit for the skin; and we combine them without unnecessary additions, to obtain an organic cosmetic that Take care of your skin without harming the environment.

For someone who has not yet switched to natural and organic cosmetics, what points should be taken into account when choosing a product?

In our case, what pushed us to consume eco-natural cosmetics is the care of nature. 13 years ago, when we discovered this type of cosmetic, it was wonderful to see that taking care of yourself was compatible with respecting the environment. We could take care of our skin without causing unmanageable waste for our planet : petroleum derivatives, microplastics, synthetic surfactants, etc.

Later, when we started to investigate at the time, we discovered that it was also a way of taking care of ourselves. Avoiding the use of certain ingredients, suspected for their possible toxicity, was possible.

For us, there are two questions that are very enlightening:
  • Why use ingredients that are harmful to our planet if we can use ingredients that are not harmful to the environment? and why do?
  • Why use ingredients that are harmful, or potentially toxic, to our body when it is possible to take care of yourself with ingredients that are completely harmless to the health of our body? and why do?

I think those of us who are dedicated to the ecological world have to explain too much why our product should be used, and it should be the other way around. Manufacturers of conventional cosmetics should try to justify why and for what we should use these ingredients s that harm our environment.

For us, there is no doubt.

lip balm in a metal box

Which Naturavia products would you recommend to someone who wants to start caring for their skin in a more natural way?

  1. The Lavender and Shea Soap would be A great way to get started in the world of natural cosmetics. It is a creamy soap and a delicious aroma of lavender and orange, which you can use every day in your daily shower. You will soon notice the benefits. Our customers talk about how they feel their skin is more hydrated and more comfortable.
  2. Another of the star products to start with are lip balms. Who doesn’t like to keep their lips hydrated? With our lip balms you can take care of them with natural ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, rosehip or olive oil macerated with marigold flowers. In addition, they have wonderful aromas thanks to the essential oils that we add.
  3. The third product I would recommend would be pure jojoba oil: because it is a multi-purpose product ideal for all skin types. It is an excellent facial cleanser, you can use it to enrich your moisturizer, apply it as a serum at night or use it as a wax to soften your hair.
  4. Finally, another must-have is the Calendula Face Cream. An easily absorbed cream with a sweet aroma of lavender and incense that is formulated especially for sensitive or irritated skin . This is why its star ingredients are soothing, softening and moisturizing active ingredients, such as chamomile and aloe vera, which reinforce the anti-inflammatory and calming action of calendula; and almond oil, which provides nutrition and softness, respecting its natural balance.

Naturavia, a brand of certified organic cosmetics

All Naturavia products are certified by an international and independent entity, bio.inspectawhich guarantees that its preparation is carried out in accordance with the Biovidasana sustainable and ecological manufacturing standard.

This certificate guarantees that the ingredients used by Naturavia are natural and mostly organic. It also guarantees the absence of ingredients such as parabens or petroleum derivatives. And that its manufacturing methods are environmentally friendly.

He EcoPlus√ seal It is a recognition of companies that mainly produce cosmetic products based on organic ingredients and that do not produce other non-certified ranges.

In addition, since 2021 all Naturavia products are certified vegans.

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