Ceramic floors: an inexhaustible trend

Ceramic garden floors

Many of those who read this text are surely trying to find the ideal way to best finish the decoration of their spaces or even start thinking about renovating them. Here you will find the reasons why yes or yes you should opt for the use of ceramic floors. Let’s go into detail:

a. More variety and adaptability

It’s no secret that ceramics or tiles have been used for many years to cover floors. Their method of manufacture makes them an easily manipulated material, which allows them to be adapted to different design needs. Unlike other materials used to cover floors, tiles offer us a large number of varieties of colors, shapes and textures, so that they can be easily integrated into the decorative scheme of any room in the house. or from the office.

of them. Versatile material that allows us to save

Don’t get me wrong, unless we all have a number with more than 5 zeros in our bank account, we may still want to save a few bucks. That yes, no one says we sacrifice quality for price, but surely we can make smarter and more efficient use of our money. This is where ceramic floors come in. When we want to choose a material for our floor, we often think of materials such as wood or stone which, with their elegance and unique touches, can on their own represent an open declaration of the good taste of the owner of the place. However, we rarely ask ourselves the necessary questions that allow us to determine the appropriateness of our decision. Few people take into account that materials such as wood or stone require continuous maintenance, such as the application of chemical sealants that isolate them from water and dust, so in the long term this can represent a detriment. for our investment. If you don’t have the budget or the discipline to take care of these delicate surfaces, over time this tasteful statement can become a horrid insinuation of carelessness and abandon.

This is not the case with ceramic floors. In fact, proper installation is enough to prevent damage, as the grout used for the joints and the outer face of the tile are extremely resistant to the elements of the environment.

Ceramic bedroom floors

3. They can also be luxurious

Wood or stone are not the only ways to show our good taste. Ceramic flooring can also be incorporated into a refined design scheme that would satisfy the toughest critics. New technologies have made it possible to offer tiles with patterns and shapes that 100% imitate the textures and shapes of luxury materials such as wood and stone. Likewise, various types of ceramics such as large format ceramics have made a name for themselves in the most prestigious architectural circles, becoming the mainstay of the latest trends in contemporary design.

Four. They are environmentally friendly.

We live in a time when we are beginning to realize our responsibility to the planet. This is why it is important to consider the production processes of the products we buy and the impact of their sustainability on our carbon footprint. Unlike a wooden floor, whose origin may not support reforestation processes, or stone quarries, the industry that produces ceramics does not intensively exploit non-renewable natural resources and no harmful chemicals. is used in its installation processes. .

Good luck with your next project!

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