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Hello readers of ecocosas, today I am going to bring you an article about this that I write more personally, since it was a simple blog and not a reference page with information on sustainability and medicinal plants.

A few years ago I discovered the virtues of CBD, one of the cannabinoids of the cannabis sativa plant, which today we know is a great ally for our health.

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As strange as it may seem, today we know that our own body produces these cannabinoids and we have a whole system for their use, of which we are only just beginning to understand how it works.

The system endocannabinoid (SEC) is something that not only humans have, but also other mammals and is involved in a wide variety of physiological processes, such as hunger, sleep or pain.

Of the many uses that can be given to this oil, I have been interested in two, anxiety control and recovery after a long walk or exercise session.

Not all oils are the same

The first thing is something I discovered over time, I wasn’t always buying or getting the same type or brand of CBD, then I realized that some worked better than some. others.

This happens because we are talking about the fact that most are produced in an artisanal way, not all plants have the same concentrations and there are also different forms of extraction that will cause us to have variations in the final product.

After trying several, I found one that was broad-spectrum, high in cannabinoids, had good medicinal properties, was produced by the best methods and was also the one that gave me the best results, so you could say , at least in my experience that it is the best CBD oil on the market, I use it in the presentation of 15 ml at 10%.

Form of use and dosage

Another important thing and not least is how, when and how much, all answers which are not entirely precise, since it depends a bit on the person and the circumstances.

The first thing is the same for everyone and in any case what is recommended and the best for its absorption is sublingual use, they usually come with droppers, so just fill it with the dose desired and place it under the tongue.

The taste is like almost any vegetable oil, less acidic than olive oil and a little bitter, perhaps, but hey, it’s not unpleasant.

When depends on what we use it for example if it’s for recovery after a workout, well a bit after, if it’s for anxiety a few times a day it works well for me in apart from meals.

Those who take it sleep better a few hours before falling asleep, so it’s a matter of trying different combinations and seeing which works best for us.

Finally, the most complex and personal, since each person reacts a little differently to the drug, regardless of the dosage, how with many things will also depend on the presentation, the quality of the oil and the use that the we do, but I’ll leave you an orientation chart.

It is also important to consider the person’s weight and height, as a higher dose will be required.

Oil from CBDdaily mg* of CBD
5% (500mg) 20-24
10% (1000mg) 25-48
15% (1500mg) 49-72
20% (2000mg) 73-96

And I also give you another table to convert from mg to ml

bottle sizeOil from CBD from 300 mgOil from CBD from 1500 mg
fifteen ml twenty mg/ml 100 mg/ml
30ml ten mg/ml fifty mg/ml
fifty ml 6 mg/ml 30mg/ml

To put it into practice, if I need to take 50mg and I have a 1ml dropper, which is normal, and my oil is 15ml and 1500mg, then half a dropper is my dose so it can be distributed throughout the day, many people take about 5 or 6 drops 3 or 4 times a day which is usually a good way to use it.

On a personal level, I felt a great improvement in various aspects with the use of CBD, especially in the recovery from fatigue, pain and anxiety.

I hope my experience will serve you and I read them in the comments.

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