Capsule Mundi, the project that promises humans the continuity of the life cycle

Capsula Mundi is a project that offers a different approach to the subject of death. It promises humans the continuity of the cycle of life, just as it occurs in nature. Instead of a coffin, the deceased person is placed in an organic capsule.

Created by Italian designers Anna CItelli and Raoul Bretzel, Capsula Mundi proposes to continue the cycle of life. The new “coffin” has one of the most archaic and perfect shapes, the egg, and is made of starch bioplastic, a biodegradable material. Inside, the person’s body is placed in a fetal position and then buried as if it were the seed of a tree.

A tree is then planted on it, so that the body of the deceased provides the necessary nutrients to help the plant in its development. Family and friends can take care of the tree as a legacy for posterity and for the future of the planet.

The image of the traditional cemetery with gray tombstones is also changing, the designers’ proposal is to create a beautiful and natural environment, a new concept of a cemetery with “sacred” trees.


Environmental aspects of the project

  • The material with which the urn is made is biodegradable
  • Plant more trees
  • The environmental impact generated by cremations is reduced
  • No trees are felled for the manufacture of conventional coffins

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It’s also art

Over the years, the project has been invited to numerous exhibitions and events to exhibit or present Capsula Mundi, demonstrating the great interest in the project.

Capsula Mundi is currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. In 2017, he was a representative of the excellence of Italian design in New Zealand, for the Día del Italian Design and in 2019 he exhibited the prototype of the Capsula in the XXII Trienal, curated by Paola Antonelli, senior curator of the Museo de Arte Moderno in New York.

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