Canadian Solar begins production of new 420W rooftop module

Canadian Solar has started mass production of a new solar module for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, with a capacity of up to 420 MW and an efficiency of up to 21.5%.

The Ontario-based company has announced that the latest member of its HiKu6 182 cell module family, dubbed the CS6R-MS, is particularly recommended for rooftop solar applications given its small module size, light weight and its “seamless” appearance (including a 100% black version).

The company claims the module could offer 5-10W more power and about 0.5% more efficiency than other similar form factor PERC modules on the market, along with a 25-year product warranty. materials and labor for residential rooftop applications. .

Canadian Solar is a globally recognized brand and a member of the Silicon Super League, a group of predominantly Chinese companies that dominate the supply of solar modules on the market and continually drive research and development. (Contrary to what the name suggests, Canadian Solar’s panels are primarily made in China.)

In its official statement, the company said shipments of the new 54-cell modules began this month, suggesting they could reach the European market in the first half of the year.

I am happy to announce that we have started mass production and delivered the first batch of 54-cell modules up to 420W based on 182mm PERC cells.

Our new products will further improve the energy performance and reduce the LCOE of residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems while further offsetting CO2 emissions.

Shawn Qu, Founder and CEO of Canadian Solar.

In addition to PERC (passivated emitter and back contact) cells, Canadian Solar says it is also developing a CS6R module with HJT (heterojunction) cells, with up to 22.5% efficiency and up to 440W.

Commercial delivery of these modules is expected to begin in April.

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