Canadian breaks Guinness record by planting more than 23,000 trees in 24 hours

Canadian breaks Guinness record by planting more than 23,000 trees in 24 hours

After planting more than 1.3 million trees himself over the past seven years, this year he broke a world record by planting 23,000 trees in just 24 hours.

Antoine Moses claims he can plant an average of 16 trees per minute, or about one tree every 3.75 seconds.

As soon as I broke the initial record, I cheered up and hugged the whole team around me. I was excited and happy, but not even 10 seconds later I moved on.

Anthony Moses

Recognized by Guinness World Records, the feat took place in an area about 100 kilometers south of High Level, Alberta.

Moses says it was a collaborative effort, with the help of a team of six, planting the equivalent of what half a dozen individual tree planters would do in a day’s work.

I was like, ‘Okay, what’s the next number I can hit? 19,000, 20,000, 21,000 and finally 23,000’

Anthony Moses

This experienced tree planter says that over the past seven years he has successfully planted his own forest, with more than 1.3 million trees across Canada.

An amateur athlete, running several marathons and training for an upcoming Ironman race, Moses says he considers planting trees a sport.

You must stay healthy. It’s almost as if everyone who plants trees is an athlete.

You just have to do your best and make sure you’re in good shape to plant more.

Anthony Moses

After 14 hours and 51 minutes of non-stop planting on the day the record was broken last summer, Moses had surpassed Kenny Chaplin’s old record of 15,170 trees, set in 2001.

Every generation needs a new hero, so it was about time they broke my record.

Anthony Moses

Chaplin, a pioneer tree planter with his twin brother, began his career at the age of 18 and at 52 he still plants today.

Chaplin says the hard work of reforestation has changed over the decades.

It wasn’t a sport, people went out and planted for a few months. People weren’t thinking about their team and all that.

kenny chaplin

According to Chaplin, planting trees continues to grow among new generations, with many people coming from Eastern Canada who want to get their hands dirty and live the western way of life, while reducing their carbon footprint.

It doesn’t matter if you plant pine or fir, you plant trees. These trees will grow and help solve this global problem.

kenny chaplin

Originally from Saskatchewan, Chaplin says he often revisits the country where he broke the record and reflects on the life that has come from his rewarding work.

I can stay there and it’s really cool to enter your forest. The trees are six meters tall. They are spaced exactly as you placed them and you can go back to the day you planted them. It’s very stimulating as a human being.

kenny chaplin

Both Moses and Chaplin say that although the work is grueling, the experience of being on a mountainside is humbling and life-changing.

You will see life differently. You realize that your work or school life is much easier. It gives you perspective in life.

Anthony Moses

If you can bear it, you end up smiling and that bug infestation in your nose and ears. But when you feel comfortable in discomfort, it changes you and makes you not only a better planter, but also a better person.

kenny chaplin

Moïse says he can’t wait to see his record broken, and even offer to help the next tree planter who exceeds his expectations.

I like the pleasure of helping people. If someone wants to beat him, I will help him, I will give him my advice. I will be happy to help you.

Anthony Moses

About 600 million trees are planted in Canada each year by about 6,500 tree planters, according to Summit Reforestation & Forest Management Ltd., a Canadian tree planting company.

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