California grape growers trade pesticides for owls and barn owls

Pesticides are one of the most used products today, many of them have saved more than one harvest thanks to their powerful action against pests and all kinds of animals. However, At what price?

pesticides by owls

Its composition is not exactly recommended for the body, and even less when it comes to apply it in fruit, vegetable or any cereal crops. It has been more than proven that the farther we have them, the better. Hence the importance of always having natural and homemade products, such as weedkillers.

Today we will visit the state of California to surprise you with a really interesting initiativesince just as many continue to use these harmful products, others are still trying to look for much more natural and sustainable alternatives.


Fertilized and secure vines thanks to a well-known small animal

Napa Valley Winemakers they turn to an alternative that has become very popular. We are talking about owls, small animals capable of replacing the toxic agents contained in fertilizers. And more and more people are betting on it!

The slope of the land, the temperatures and even the number of hours of light that the vines receive are calculated. However, there are many other conditioning factors that directly influence the quality of a vintagelike small predators.

owls fight pests

It is fence in small rodents, moles or squirrels, animals that access the perimeter and wreak real havoc in the vines. Unfortunately for them, in Napa Valley they found a really effective solution, no need to pollute the crops.

Although this seems like a novelty, the technique of using birds and traps to ward off these small invaders has been around for a long time in any corner of the planet. We have already seen the case of chickens for gardens, however with the arrival of chemicals, many have forgotten these more holistic techniques.

To this day, where they recover in order to maintain the quality of a product of which they are deeply proud; wine. Napa Valley winemakers turned to the barn owl, capable of swallowing more than 3,400 rodents per year. Although they also include any other birds of prey, such as hawks.

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A study that gives very good results

Matt Johnsonprofessor responsible for the Department of Fauna at the University, is in charge of carrying out all these experiments, where was able to check how amazing the results they get are really.

His research group placed over 300 birdhouses around select Napa Valley wineries, so that the owls make it their home and roam the area with the aim of eliminate all invaders that could damage crops.

owls against pests

The purpose of his study is to obtain real conclusions on the impact caused by the breeding of owls in the vineyards, check their behavior and ability to eliminate pests of this type without resorting to rodenticides.

Although the results are encouraging and invite further study, for now you can see how the mole community has shrunk, which is already cause for celebration. However, that of mice remains the same.

Rodenticides, a common problem that affects us all

The study also covers measure the impact these products have on local wildlife, as a common rodenticide is always a hazardboth for the rodent and for the birds that feed on it. By poisoning themselves, they contaminate the entire food chain.

One of the most important parts of the investigation will be determine whether or not the presence of these owls enabled the use of rodenticides in Napa Valley. Since January 2021, much stricter limits have been imposed to avoid precisely this problem with your heavy pollution.

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  • Battery-free scarecrow owl that naturally repels pest birds from trees, gardens, orchards and vineyards
  • His head turns with the help of the wind, thanks to the transparent plate which is fixed on the back and which acts as a “motor”.
  • His eyes reflect sunlight with glitter that scares birds away
  • The base is hollow and has a plug that allows you to fill it with sand, water or stones to give the owl greater stability. You can also fix it to a wooden pole to prevent it from collapsing in the wind
  • Painted with paints resistant to cold and hot temperatures, with protection against UV rays and “anti-cracking” additives, which prevent the appearance of cracks.

For now, the Ventura County Watershed Protection Department has already reported savings of $216,000 per mile of canal thanks to the avoidance of having to keep using the rodent traps I used before. For now, there is no doubt effectiveness of owls in vineyards and the joy it caused among many winegrowers.

We save on pest control chemicalswe avoid poisoning, contamination and also allow these birds to enjoy an environment designed for them while we taste a good wine.


owls against pests

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