Calendar star rain april 2022

If you like astronomy, you will surely want to be aware of the different star showers or meteors throughout the year, since there are several that we can admire each year. However, they don’t happen every month, so we’re going to reveal what’s in store for us in the april 2022 meteor shower calendar and also, what astronomical phenomena we have this month.

April star rain calendar


Calendar star rain april 2022

The meteor shower calendar for the month of April 2022 is marked by the lyrids which is the shower of stars that somehow marks spring. As their name suggests, they are shooting stars, usually active in the spring. “Cousins” of the most famous shooting stars of the St. Lawrence, the Lyrids are an active meteor shower from April 15 to 28 each year. The radiant is located in the constellation of Lyra, from which it takes its name. The international abbreviation is LYR. The Lyrids are the first swarm of historical sightings: they were first observed by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. . The swarm originates from comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which has a period of about 415 years.. In general, it has an activity that is not particularly striking, but periodically it has increases that take it to levels of around 100 ZHR (Zenith Hourly Rate, in Italian TOZ, it is the number of meteors that an observer would be able to observe in an hour, under both dark and clear skies if the swarm’s radiant was still at the zenith).

On April 21, the Lyrids arrive: here’s how to observe them

In 2022 the Lyrids will be visible mainly at night from April 21 to 22. This date is determined by a particular astronomical situation: on April 23 there will be a last quarter and therefore on the night of April 21 to 22 our satellite will be practically absent and will not interfere with the observation of shooting stars. According to the American Meteor Society, the peak of this meteor shower will occur between the night of April 21 and the early morning of April 22 -around 3 am-, when about 18 “shooting stars per hour” will cross the sky at an average speed. 48 kilometers per second. Observing the Lyrids simply direct your gaze to the Liraal constellation from the North East; a constellation in the shape of a small parallelogram.

Other astronomical events in April 2022

Apart from the Lyrids, we cannot forget that Avril is, as always, Global Astronomy Month (GAM) and there will be many other astronomical events to admire.

a magnificent The pre-dawn conjunction between the planets Mars and Saturn will be visible on Tuesday, April 5. We also have the full moon in April, lat Luna Rosa, scheduled for Saturday April 16with the planet Venus located near the star Hydor (Lambda Aquarii).

In addition, the end of April will be full of astronomical events to enjoy: 4 of the visible planets will be observable before sunrise; from West, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.

On April 27, the Moon will almost conjunct Venus.while on April 30 it will be the turn of the approach between Jupiter and Venus near the second new moon of April.

For more information, do not miss the dedicated to the meteor showers of 2022 in its entirety.

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