Building an eco-friendly house, easier than it looks

The dream of a single-family house with a garden It is surely the one that almost all of us have at some point in our lives. ecologically and energetically self-sufficient, even better. Today it’s a dream that can come true for less budget than we imagined…but how can we do that?…keep reading and…let’s get into the adventure!

build an eco-friendly house

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that if we build a house for ourselves, we would not have to certify it as ecological housing or as passive house. These certificates are necessary when building to sell, to rent or if you benefit from certain subsidies, but you should not have them if none of these scenarios occur. Taking this into account, we cannot be so strict and if at some point, for budget reasons or any other problem, our house cannot be 100% ecological, we can consider that it is only of X%

For build a single family home The first thing we must have is a piece of land. Currently on the market there is a large amount of land available, throughout our country and in a large number of cities.

If we want land of a certain size, where we can have a garden and our budget is not too high, we will have to think about the outskirts of towns.

If what we want is tranquility, surely it is not a problem to leave the center. Thanks to the Internet, today we can search for land without haste and without leaving home and we can see options such as the land available on, where we can find land with discounts in many areas of Spain.

how to build an eco house

How to make an ecological and autonomous house

Once we have the land or the lot, we have to decide between make our eco house from scratch or buy a prefab house. In recent years, more and more options for prefabricated houses have emerged, with a wide variety of options and finishes, which can be assembled in days… and some even in hours.

For our house to be ecological, the first thing it must meet are certain characteristics of the materials. Many sustainable materials can be used in green construction and we can find houses that bet on materials of mineral or vegetable origin, from raw clay bricks to wood, passing through bamboo, cork and other vegetable materials.

They must be used from the moment of their construction. ecological and/or recyclable materials, such as unfired clay bricks or wood. However, these must come from sustainable plantations with low environmental impact.

Other the important point of the ecological habitat is the insulation. If we want our house not to require large amounts of energy to heat or cool it, we will have to pay special attention to how we insulate it. In addition, we can incorporate other elements such as trellis walls, which will serve to favor the entry of heat or cold into our home, depending on the season in which we find ourselves.

It’s necessary also pay close attention to the location or orientationso that we can take advantage of nature to cool us, that is to say the sun to warm us in winter, and the shade of trees to cool us in summer.

The garden and the trees we have there also play a very important role: if we plant deciduous trees, they will give us shade during the sunniest months and they will let the heat through in the colder months.

how to make an eco house

Energy in an ecological house

Even if we insulate our house well, we will need energy to light our ecological house, heat the water or the house during the colder months.

For the electrical energy, solar panels can be a good solutionwith them we can get electricity, pour our surplus into the network when we don’t spend all the energy generated by the sun and heat the water.

If we have worked well on the insulation, orientation and ventilation of the house, we will be assured of a low temperature in summer. For the colder months we can install a pellet boiler, which are neutral from the point of view of CO2 generation.

Currently, fortunately society is increasingly aware of the preservation of nature and there is a large amount of information on bioconstructions that we can consult before starting our project.

How much does a prefabricated ecological house cost?

If you are thinking of buying a prefabricated house, as we said at the beginning of this article, there are currently many options available on the market, with a wide variety of designs, finishes and prices.

Depending on the size, materials and technology used, these prefabricated ecological houses They can cost from €8,000 for a very small (Little house) up to €120,000 for a larger size. But generally speaking, for the habitability of a family, you can buy a modular house or ecological prefabricated house of about 100 square meters for about seventy thousand euros.

As for the cost of the land, it is very variable, since it will depend on its size as well as its location.

As you see, having an ecological family home is possibleif you are one of those who have ever considered this topic: go ahead and join the greener life!


how to build an ecological house in spain

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