Bug-free car windshield?

Teenagers might not know it, but any adult clearly remembers that more than 20 years ago the cars on the road rode through a storm of bugs, the windshields littered with their crushed corpses after the trip. .

These days it’s nice to hit the road and end up with a clean windshield. But doesn’t that remind you of anything? Where have the insects gone? Something is probably wrong…

Research shows that insect populations are declining, and this biological environment may be affected more than we realize. A study concluded that 40% of insects are in decline and could disappear in the next few years.

Reasons for this decline include human settlements disrupting natural ecosystems, as well as deforestation and the conversion of habitats, such as native forests, to agricultural land. Chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are also used in agriculture and have affected both insect and mite pests as well as bees and other beneficial insects.

Climate change also plays a role, especially in extreme weather conditions such as drought, the intensity of which will increase in the coming years due to human activities.

It is well known that the aerodynamic design of today’s vehicles plays a large role in the impact insects have on the windshield, however, the problem of insects goes deeper than that.



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