BSLBATT launches a large capacity residential battery system: 20 kWh

BSLBATT, manufacturer and worldwide proveer of litio energy almacenamiento solutions, launches a new residencial energy almacenamiento solution that, según ellos, está más en línea con lo que los clients requestan: la batería doméstica de 20 kWh fuera de the Web.

Based on customer feedback and BSL research, they found that owners in North America, as well as Central America (Caribbean, etc.), prefer larger battery storage systems (10+ kWh ) for their off-grid needs, so BSL has manufactured and designed the new 20 kWh Off-Grid Home Battery to meet the needs of this customer segment.

The 20 kWh off-grid home battery uses LiFePo4 battery technology and the system is very easy to install and maintain thanks to the possibility of combining modules and their automatic identification. Reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology ensures maximum safety and longer life.

It is scalable according to the actual use of energy in the home, with a maximum storage capacity of 120 kWh. With inverter connections, the off-grid battery system allows new and existing residential solar system owners to store excess solar power for overnight use, maximizing their solar investment while increasing safety and efficiency. energy independence. In addition, BSLBATT offers an optional smart management system that can remotely monitor battery status and adapt to real-time power demand.

Due to its large capacity design, the 20 kWh off-grid home battery weighs 210 kg.

In many regions, there is enough electricity during the day with solar panels, but in other regions where extreme weather conditions are common, a constant 24-hour power supply becomes a challenge. The makers of BSLBATT Lithium also recognized the problem and offered matching 20kWh backup batteries for home solutions.

Battery specifications.

  • Combination method: 16S8P
  • Typical capacity: 400 Ah
  • Minimum capacity: 395 Ah
  • Charging voltage: 53 – 55V
  • Maximum continuous charging current: 200 A
  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 200 A
  • Operating temperature range Charge: 0~45℃ Discharge: -20~55℃
  • Dimensions: 910x730x220mm
  • Weight: 210kg

Although the term “offline” is still a long way off for many, it will become a staple way of life for more and more people in the near future.

Although the initial capital is much higher, a photovoltaic system equipped with batteries will only begin to generate income after one or two years, compared to an installation without this type of equipment.

However, customers who choose these solutions can enjoy many benefits that are not available to owners without home batteries.

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