Bouquets for Mother’s Day: which one to choose

It is possible that each time a special date arrives, you feel lost and do not know what to give. However, what you are clear on is that you want to be right and choose the most appropriate option. You can be calm, because there are options that never fail. For example, give a gift bouquets for mother’s day. Also, below we help you choose the best one.


What bouquets for Mother’s Day to choose?

Of course, when choosing between all mothers day bouquets, You should choose the one you think your mom will like the most. That said, it may not be something you know well and you feel a little lost when it comes to making a decision.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t understand much about flowers, you certainly know your mother well. That’s why we’re going to make you some proposals according to their character:

  • classic mother. If your mom loves tradition, then a bouquet of white roses is perfect. These are flowers that symbolize the purity of maternal love. These flowers can also be roses, as they represent tenderness.
  • modern mother. If your mom is anything but classic, find her a different bouquet. For example, a combination of roses of different colors is guaranteed success.
  • romantic mother. If your mom loves romantic movies and has a dreamy personality, look for a bouquet that reflects her character. Bet on pastel tones and flowers such as camellias, violets or roses.
  • Mother in love with nature. Although you can also give her a bouquet of flowers, she will surely appreciate your choosing a plant even more if your mother is a big defender of nature.
  • Retail mother. If your mother is one of those people who is always up to date with everything and likes to take care of even the smallest detail, then the best is a fragrant bouquet. The one that leaves a warm smell throughout the house and can be carnations, roses, violets or freesias.

Additionally, you can accompany the chosen bouquet with some chocolates or any other gift that you know your mother will love.

By the way, before we finish, we want you to find out how you can make your flowers last longer. You will do this in the last section.

How to maintain a bouquet of flowers?

The following tips will help flowers last longer:

  • Change the floral water every day.
  • If a flower wilts, remove it from the vase.
  • Diagonally cut the stems that have oxidized.
  • Dissolve an aspirin in the water for the flowers to make them last longer fresh.
  • Place the bouquet in a sunny room.
  • Touch the flowers as little as possible.

Bouquets for Mother’s Day are a bet for guaranteed success. Now that you know what the best options are, be sure to choose the one that best suits the person who gave you life.

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