Blinds without drilling for windows and doors

Did you know that there are different varieties of blinds without drilling? Screennight and day, translucent, opaque, personalized… In this article we will tell you everything about this type of blinds for windows so that you can decide with criteria if they are the right ones for your home and your expectations.

blinds without drilling


Roller shutters without drilling

The invention of roller blind without drilling for window came to revolutionize the installation of this type of coating for windows and doors. If you don’t want to make any holes, that’s no problem. The blinds for doors and windows are the solution.

How to install a blind without drilling?

Its installation without drilling is very simple. Simply attach it to the upper profile of the door or window leaf, to the glass, to the wall or directly to the frame. How to do it? You have two options:

  1. With adjustable hooks. Recommended for wood or PVC windows as they have the widest profile. Place the brackets at the top of the window. Once this is done, all you have to do is place the blind brackets in their location and snap the blind into place.
  2. With extra strong adhesives. Backings and decals come with the kits of setting up. Slide the brackets onto the adhesive plates until you hear them click into place. Position the unrolled blind at the desired height with care, as the adhesives do not allow repositioning. First mark at both ends where the adhesive would go before sticking it on. We recommend them for aluminium, PVC or direct-to-glass windows.

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Blackout roller blind without drilling

The blinds for windows or opaque doors are very cheap. Thanks to their weight, they manage to totally endow the room with darkness; therefore, they are ideal for rooms where you are going to rest and where a minimum of light is necessary, semi-darkness or total darkness. In addition, they are completely fireproof.

Roller blind without drilling screen

If what you are looking for is a blind without drilling which acts as a sunscreen and allows you look out without being seen from the outsidemodel screen it’s perfect for you. Protect the room from outside solar radiation without depriving yourself of seeing the street. Among its advantages we highlight:

  • A degree of opening of 3.5 or 10%, depending on the amount of light desired. Ideal for keeping the room lit without the brightness becoming distracting.
  • High resistance to UV sunlight.
  • Maintains the ambient temperature inside the room, thus promoting energy efficiency.

Roller blinds without drilling day and night

Those blinds for windows or the doors are unique when it comes to modulating the light. is blind without drilling It is made up of superimposed translucent and opaque bands that you can alternate depending on the amount of light you want. You will only have to adjust, through the chain, the degree of coverage of these stripes. In other words: it will be easier for you to save energy, because you can go from abundant light to darkness in a single gesture.

Add to this that, due to the fabric in which it is made, repels dust particles making cleaning much easier.

roller blind without drilling

Translucent roller shutters without drilling

the roller blind without drilling translucent allows that light passes diffusely without seeing anything behind him. It offers a pleasant entrance to the sun which makes the rooms warm and bright. Among the advantages of blind without drilling translucent we highlight:

  • A high quality, latest generation technical fabric.
  • It passes the light without anything being seen in any direction; neither from inside to outside, nor vice versa. More privacy and light control.
  • They are very resistant to UV rays.
  • They promote energy savings by letting in the heat of the sun. They maintain room temperature.
  • You can easily clean them with a damp cloth.

Customizable roller blind without drilling

If you are looking for something unique, personalized and that only you have, you must know this category of roller shutters without drilling. You have already chosen a fabric screen, translucent or opaque, it is possible to add the image you want through scanning. Your kitchen, living room or bedroom will have a look chosen 100% by you.

The majority of Digital prints are usually done with ecological and approved inks, thus respecting the environment. A blind without drilling with digital printing, it uses class B flame retardant fabric that insulates against heat and cold, entirely in polyester.

Plus, we can make it in the exact dimensions you need, with the fabric color you choose. You can also choose the type of bracket or the side from which you want the chain to descend which opens or closes it. ¡Absolute customization!

The blinds without drilling they are perfect for their enormous qualities in all available formats. Forget the holes and bet on the latest market trends. Giving your home the look you’re looking for is now easier than ever.


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