Bioo Lux, the world’s first interactive lamp that uses a plant as a biological switch

In 2018, Bioo was ranked among the most innovative start-ups in Europe by the European Parliament. Today, this innovation has emerged with the launch and, for the first time in history, the consumer will be able to buy an interactive lamp that uses a plant as a biological switch.

The technology developed by Bioo uses the sensitivity of plants to contain the frequency changes when they come into contact with other organic bodies and thus transforms them into biological switches to turn the light on and off.

The Bioo company challenges us to change our relationship to the world around us and, through Bioo Lux, seeks to take a new step towards the democratization of home automation. Through a lamp that acts as a pot, activates the light by touching a plant. So, with this product, the first thing we will do at the start of the day is to have contact with nature.

The lamp, designed in Barcelona, ​​is also a pot and is handmade between Spain and Portugal.

It is a consumer product made with noble materials, of natural and ethical origin.

Bioo Lux is composed of three elements:

  • a translucent ceramic lampshade, with a natural cork base.
  • an electronic base plate that adapts to the Bioo technology antenna.
  • a socket that allows the LED light to be powered from the wall outlet.

Its design has been recognized by the ADI-FAD awards and it is part of the Delta 2022 selection.

It is the first product that Bioo presents to the end consumer and for sale a limited edition of 2,000 copies has been produced which will be sold online on its website, in all European markets.

The same technology is used to create their “Live installationsin which, through plants, we can activate music, lights and even screens, such as the vegetable piano developed by Bioo and located in Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico.

In this way, Bioo is leading the biotech transformation of society, introducing a new way to interact with nature, in a respectful way, through technology.

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