Berlin relies on streetlights as a charging point for its electric cars

The conversion of streetlights into charging points will enable the rapid expansion of public charging infrastructure in the German capital and is expected to start in the second quarter of 2022.

Ubitricity, manufacturer and operator of charging solutions for electric vehicles and subsidiary of the Shell group, has won a public tender from the city of Berlin for the installation of at least 200 charging stations in public streetlights.

If the project extension already requested is approved, up to 800 charging points could be installed in additional streetlights.

With these street lamp chargers, ubitricity is bringing the successful street lamp charging model of London and other UK cities to Germany, with adaptations to local needs.

The street lamp chargers will use the existing infrastructure and allow city dwellers without a private parking space (in Berlin this represents around 60% of drivers/residents) to charge their car close to home.

The “Heinz” chargers, developed in collaboration with ebee Smart Technologies on the EUREF campus in Berlin, will be mounted on the column and thus clear the sidewalks.

With a charging capacity of 3.7 kW, it offers optimal conditions for urban charging according to the usual parking hours of local residents. ubitricity thus follows the daily habits of motorists and makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively install numerous charging stations in residential areas, taking into account the capacities of the existing network.

All charging points for streetlights are supplied exclusively with electricity from renewable sources by Shell Energy Retail GmbH.

At ubitricity streetlight charging points, residents have the option of charging with their regular rates from a mobility service provider (MSP), or ad-hoc using a mounted QR code. Ad-hoc recharge works without registration or membership. For both variants, only a standard Type 2 charging cable is required.


More information: ubitricity

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