Benefits of water vending machines, for the environment

Currently, the demand for purified water is enormous, since it is an essential consumer product to keep us hydrated and alive, but above all healthy. This fact makes the market huge globally.Currently, and for many years now, access to purified water in small bottles that we can take everywhere allows us to drink the water we need and refresh us wherever we go. But at what cost ?

These purified water bottles are made of a plastic called PET, these bottles are disposable, which means that when you drink the water, you throw them in the trash, or so you should. for education, but for the most part they are thrown out onto the streets. Its presence is notorious in the channels of surface currents and in the drainage, causing clogging and difficulties in the desilting processes, which leads to flooding in the streets in the rainy season.

In Mexico alone, approximately 9 billion PET bottles are produced each year, which represents almost a third of the domestic waste generated in Mexico. Every year, 90 million bottles of soft drinks and purified water are thrown on public roads, forest and beach.

These PET plastic bottles take up to 500 years to degrade.

How does a water vending machine help solve it?

As you can see, the pollution caused by plastic bottle waste is enormous. Fortunately, there are bottles that we can reuse and refill with purified water from water vending machines. They are machines that dispense purified water by depositing coins, as if it were a vending machine for soft drinks or sweets.

It is not only an ecological, but also an economical way to hydrate, drinking the purified water that our body needs, since its price is much cheaper than if we buy a bottle of purified water in the supermarket.

Where do we find these water dispensers?

Currently, there are water vending machines strategically located in shopping centres, sports complexes, gymnasiums, hospitals and near departmental towers and housing estates.

Even in many supermarket chains, those just around the corner, there are already vending machines to fill our jugs.

It’s time to act

Our planet is going through a climate crisis, it is time to act and do everything in our power, within our reach. What we do today to prevent the increase in pollution, we will thank ourselves for in the very near future, but our children will thank us even more in the medium term.

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