Benefits and types of Alicante awnings and how to measure them

If there is an awning that has all the necessary ingredients to be functional, beautiful and practical, it is undoubtedly the one in Alicante. It’s an ideal installation for indoors and outdoors, with features and a variety of designs to suit any space. In this article, we will talk about the Blinds of Alicanteits characteristics, types and advantages.

Advantages and types of Alicante blinds and how to measure them 1


What are Alicante awnings

Alicante awnings were invented, as their name suggests, in Alicante. It is a simple structure, in materials such as wood or PVC and rolls. They are perfect for keeping out annoying insects, especially in the summer, while keeping the sun’s rays out. Among its main features are its adaptability to different styles, ease of maintenance and durability.

Another important feature is its resistance, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. In case of use them outside the homethey will resist attacks from agents such as wind, rain, hail, snow or dust.

Advantages of Alicante awnings

Although its manufacture is simple, the Alicante blinds have many advantages for our home and even our office if we decide to place them there.

easy to use

Like its preparation, as it is. The mechanism that activates this type of blind, rolls it effortlessly and very quickly. This is achieved by means of a pulley attached to a rope. Just pull it until it’s collected at the top of the window. And, as if that were not enough, it is not dangerous for the little ones, nor does it contain parts that could damage them during handling.

With these shades, you can either pull all the way up and let the sunlight in, or pull it down and get the opposite effect. It is achieved with its action a interesting shaded areaso that they can be used outdoors, creating pleasant places in the garden, the terrace and even the swimming pool.

Ideal for decoration

Nail Alicante store It offers an interesting decorative contribution to windows or the facade of the house. The charm of its design, the color of the wood or PVC makes it aesthetically very pleasant. You can even find classic models or vintage to satisfy different tastes. Over time, this type of awning has sought

In this point, if we do not find the design we want, we can choose to do something different: paint them. Yes, it’s simple because the material allows it, especially wood. We can choose the color, the shape we want and the amount of paint we want. Of course, they will need to be given periodic maintenance to keep this paintwork in its peak glory.

ventilation and protection

the Curtains Alicante They accomplish two important purposes. On the one hand, thanks to the space between the sheets, ventilation with the window open is possible. On the other hand, it will protect the glass from UV rays. Avoid heating them and their projection inside our house, making the place more comfortable.


We have already said that the Alicante curtains are very versatile and adapts easily to any type of space. But the best thing is that they can also be obtained in different sizes, creating interesting and pleasant spaces for any corner of the house, both indoors and outdoors.

Ease of maintenance

By having minimal gaps between the sheets, it is more difficult for the dust to remain for a long time. Even so, from periodic manner It is important to clean the awning with soap and water, without chemicals, so that it always shines.

Types of blinds Alicante

Basically, there are two types of Alicante blinds. Both are widely used, although the originals were the first we’ll see below. Here we leave you some characteristics of these models.

In wood

The natural or wood finish is the most common in this type of curtains. In addition, it has an ecological component and a rustic in franc trend in recent years. Thus, far from being obsolete, this curtain is always more in tune with the times. Wooden alicantinas are the best option to combine aesthetics and functionality, without losing style.

An interesting detail of this material is its low exposure to air damage. This is possible thanks to its greater weight compared to the pvc curtains. By having more weight, the movement with the wind is less, effectively isolating the spaces.

Another characteristic of this material is that it offers greater thermal insulation so that the temperature of the house remains constant both in winter and in summer. With this we will also save on air conditioning.


As we said before, they are much lighter than wooden ones and their slats are hollow. Therefore, they are ideal blinds to install in areas with little wind to prevent them from breaking. An additional feature of these blades is the ease with which they can be cleaned and the periodicity of this action. It’s very easy to do and you can space out each of the cleaning processes. It is not necessary to do this continuously.

Among its main features are its resistance, the possibility of choosing different designs, its simplicity of use thanks to the ease of use of its mechanism for raising and lowering, etc. In addition, as with those made of wood, they adapt perfectly to any space, especially indoors.

How to measure Alicante awnings?

To acquire Alicante awnings online, it is important that we learn how to measure them. The fastest way is:

  • Measure the height and width: in doing so, we must extend 10 centimeters to the right and left, and about 18 high. The placement of eye bolts It must be at a distance of at least 7 and at most 10 centimeters.
  • If we want to place it on a door or window, we must also measure the hole and add 25 centimeters high and five on the sides. In the lower partleave a maximum of 2 centimeters in height so that it does not rub against the ground.

the Blinds of Alicante They are the best option when we want a simple installation, with high resistance and at a fair price. The choice between wood and PVC will depend on the characteristics of the house, the place where they will be placed and even the type of climate. Do you need more reasons?

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