Bees have been declared the most important species in the world

the the bees they were declared the most invaluable species on the planet during the EarthWatch debate at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The idea was to choose the species without which it would be almost impossible for us to live in this world. I found why bees are the most important species in the world, their characteristics and why we should protect them.



Bees, the most important species on the planet

Two scientists presented a debate, as if they were two politicians running for president of the nation, but in this case what they were showing up for and defending was what was the most important species for our planet.

Professor David Thomas argued for plankton, while Dr George McGavin postulated bees. Each presented proofs and proofs of the importance of these two organisms for the rest of the living things of our world.


We have already seen here how important it is to biodiversity and how important are some species that are responsible for linking hundreds of thousands of others, that is, they are very important in the chain. the the bees are one of them, as we have also seen here many times.

But after the debate, members of the public had to vote for one or the other species as the most important in the world. McGavin convinced them by explaining how a quarter of a million species of flowering plants depend on bees. Also that many species are crucial for agriculture, and that without bees we would lose not only flowers, but many other vegetables, including fruit trees, and other crops that we consume on a daily basis.


the the bees they are dying in many parts of the world, largely due to insecticides and the fragmentation of natural areas. And certainly a world without bees would be catastrophic, as McGavin said.

other cscientists participated in the debate, but did not reach the final, advocated for bats, mushrooms, etc. What the debate was about was to choose the most irreplaceable species, the species without which it would be almost impossible for us to live. So let’s take care of all of them, but not just those mentioned here, but all of them. Each species in the world fulfills a function, let’s not be the cause of its disappearance.

Bees – Characteristics and curiosities

According to the study of Beekeeping Entrepreneurship Center of the U. mayor (Ceapi Mayor) and the Beekeeping Society of Chile (Cach) with the support of the Agricultural Innovation Foundation (FIA) have discovered that bees are the only ones free of any pathogenic agent such as viruses, bacteria, fungi…


There are many species of bees around the world, it is believed that some 20,000 species, the majority of which are pollinators but gradually they are disappearing due to pesticides, pesticides and diseases. Keep in mind that 75% of the world’s food crops depend on animal pollination.

the the diseases that most affect bees are the following four:

  • The Varroa destructor mite (only in Australia and New Zealand, there are no bees that affect them)
  • The parasite Acarapis woodi (it is a microscopic tick)
  • The bacterium Paenibacillus Larvae
  • The bacterium Melissococcis pluto

As we said, in Australia and New Zealand the bees are not affected by varroa, but they also produce more than anywhere else. This is because they don’t have a cold season, so the hive is active all year round, especially in the Rapa Nui region. In other words, a hive in the central area produces twenty kilos per year, while in Rapa Nui it can produce between 90 and 120 kilos.

Should bees be protected?

Despite everything we have explained, there are many people who are request for protection for bees. Fernando Arancibia, director of the FIA, is one of them. He comments that sanitation allows them to turn them into a biological reserve and export queens and healthy genetic material.


He considers it necessary to professionalize the beekeepers of the island and the world, for this he says the following words “The honey of the island has the flavor and aroma of guava, banana, a plus interesting for the market.

We must take care of our animals, the environment and pollute less to be able to live in better conditions because in this way the only thing we achieve is that more animals disappear. Do you know that 15 animals have already disappeared? You will surely be surprised.

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