Beautiful raised wooden cabins in Chile to enjoy among the trees

In the Chiloé Archipelago, in the south of Chile, there is a hidden gem, four small houses that await nature lovers.

Located in the remote commune of Queilén, Tiny Houses Comarca Contuy is a unique hideaway that offers you seclusion in nature, warm hospitality and unforgettable glamping in four wooden cabins high in the treetops.

These cabins were designed by the Chilean architecture studio Utreras Arquitectos.


Completed in 2016, Tiny Houses Comarca was promoted by Comarca Contuy, an entity that promotes tourism in the region through art, culture and nature-related businesses.

Nestled among the Chilean conifers known as coigüe, the four cabins, designed specifically for this location, are carefully thought out in response to the irregular topography and views over the Paildad estuary. Accordingly, the log cabins are raised and located at different heights.

The idea was to create four “glamping” style shelters among the trees, taking advantage of the environment, thanks to large circular windows“, specify the architects in a specification.

Each of these four refuges has spaces to stay and spend the night, connecting with each other and with the rest of the place through a wooden walkway.

The views to the outside, the immersion in the middle of the trees and the proximity of the river, allow you to feel nature up close.

To integrate the buildings into their environment, the four cabins are clad in wood and mounted on cypress piles. Local coigüe timber was used for the primary and secondary structural beams.

Each house has a private patio, kitchen with oven and shared bathroom with shower. The bedrooms are located on the second floor.


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